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Amazing Russian WW2 Monuments in This Viral Song Tribute to Veterans (Video)

Just watch it.  No explanation needed.

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Editor's note: It is hard to convey to Western readers how emotionally powerful Victory Day is in Russia. It celebrates the central national narrative of the Russian State, and is BY FAR the most popular secular holiday of the year. The only one to match it in importance is Easter, the main religious holiday.

Put aside historical arguments around WW2, and get a taste of how Russians mark, what is for them, a quasi-religious memory.

The coolest war monument ever. The West has nothing like this. Mamayev Kurgan, in Stalingrad.

The massive, awe-inspiring military parade, the bemedalled grandfatherly veterans, and in recent years, the marching of millions of Russians across the country with portraits of their ancestors who fought in the war (The Immortal Regiment), is truly stupendous. If you ever have a chance to be in Russia on May 9, don't miss the opportunity. Russians are the world champs in pageantry, and May 9 is when they pull out all the stops. It is a heart stopping, tear-jerking spectacle - all day long.

RI is publishing selected articles today from our archives about WW2 as Russia takes the day off to remember this extraordinary historical event.

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Originally published in May of 2016.

Among other things, the video shows some remarkable war monuments from around Russia, really amazing, powerful memorials to mind-boggling heroism.

This kind of patriotism explains the broad support for Putin. Very different from American rap.

From the Russian rap group "Skretch".  (Think 'Scratch', as in rap, pronounced with a heavy Russian accent)

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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