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Rebels' Debaltsevo Trophy Count: Over 450 Heavy Weapons, 200 Pieces of Armor, 60 Tanks

Including nearly 200 heavy weapons which are immediately operable - the rest will be put into working condition after some are cannibalized for parts

Defense Ministry spokesman for Donetsk People's Republic --- one of the two breakaway republics in East Ukraine --- says evacuation of useable military equipment that Ukraine forces surrendered or left behind in the January-February battle of Debaltsevo salient is now complete.

The reported final tally of weapons DPR evacuated amounts to:

Armored fighting vehicles:
58 tanks - 15 immediately operable
104 BMP infantry fighting vehicles - 38 operable
37 other armored troop transporters - 12 operable

Transportation vehicles:
180 trucks - 76 operable
28 special equipment vehicles - 9 operable
11 MT-LB armored tracked vehicles  - 4 operable

Artillery pieces:
3 GRAD multiple rocket launchers - 2 operable
14 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzers (122mm) - 9 operable 
13 2A65 howitzers (152mm) - 12 operable
6 D30 howitzers (120mm) - 6 operable 
2 PM-38 mortars (120mm) - 2 operable
2 2B9 mortars (82mm) - 2 operable
1 2S9 self-propelled mortar - inoperable

Anti-tank and anti-aircraft:
6 ZU 23-2 anti-aircraft automatic cannons (23mm) - 4 operable
3 MT-12 anti-tank guns (100mm) - 3 operable
3 9P148 guided anti-tank missile - 3 operable

These numbers refer only to the equipment evacuated by Donetsk People's Republic. Forces of the Lugansk People's Republic likely evacuated a many pieces as well. Also some equipment was destroyed in the fighting. Therefore the equipment losses of Ukraine army at Debaltsevo could be up to a few times higher than the numbers given here. Defense ministry spokesman:

"All Ukrainian equipment after restoration and rehabilitation will equip our units, and we’ll use those not repairable as a source of spares. There are still significant numbers of Ukrainian weapons and equipment scattered near Debaltsevo, but most of that is actually only useless junk. Some we can use for future mine clearance activities, but all we can do with the rest is to scrap them." 

via Donetsk News Agency

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