Readers Ask: "How Does One Invest in Russia?"

Mike Shedlock follows up on an earlier piece entitled "Russia Forced to Do Right Thing? Buy Russia?" on How to Invest in Russia.

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Mike Shedlock says trailing PEs of RSX and RSXJ are favorable

This article originally appeared at Global Economic Trend Analysis

In Russia Forced to Do Right Thing? Buy Russia? I explained why I bought into Russian equities. In response, I received numerous emails asking me how.

This is not a recommendation. Please do your own due diligence. If anything, I tend to be early. 

One easy way is via ETFs. I have three.

  1. RSX - Market Vectors Russia: PE 6, Dividend 3.88%
  2. RSXJ - Market Vectors Russia Small-Cap ETF : PE 5, Dividend 1.91%
  3. TRF - Templeton Russia and East Europe: PE: NA, Dividend 5.2%This does not constitute advice, I am merely saying what I did. The trailing PEs of RSX and RSXJ are favorable. I do not know what the future holds. 

Financial information is from Yahoo Finance, as linked to above.

RSX Monthly

RSXJ Monthly

TRF Monthly

TRF has been in existence much longer than the others. RSX has been in existence longer than RSXJ. This explains why the time frames for each chart are different.


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