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A Reader from Russia Writes in to Rebut Goebbels' Editorial on Influence of Jewish Elites

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Concerning the Joseph Goebbels 1945 editorial, as it appeared on the Russia Insider (22.05.2019), there is a lot to unpack regardless of whether or not this text was fabricated or genuine, both of which it very well might be.

Assuming it is a translation of the original text, which is probable when keeping in mind the state of general anxiety the Nazis, like members of any tyrannical regime, were constantly in, I wish to unpack some instances of abuse of logic and historico-sociological truths and entanglement in sequences of cause and effect (be they intentional for propaganda purposes or caused by disillusionment).

First of all, there is this:

'Germany is the first nation in the world that is entirely free of the Jews. That is the prime cause of its political and economic balance.'

It is interesting that in this review of the Jewish effect on the economy – very much resounding with the modern nationalistic rhetoric of “they are taking all our jobs” – it has somehow slipped the politician’s mind to recall the historical importance of the Jewish people in some of the following occupations: artisans, tailors, bankers, jewelers, blacksmiths, architects, etc.…

Our friend refers to a “nomadic worldview”, which is used in a derogatory way. However, animosity aside, this obviously relates to the way their population has been, for centuries on end, spread all over the world due to lack of a stable homeland. But “parasitic drives”? Is that a reference to the way that, unlike gypsies, they actually strived to integrate in the society of their second homeland, or to their involvement in middleman-based professions such as banking and merchandise? Or the monopolization (by sheer skill and expertise) of certain sectors of the economy?

Then, you have this:

'Wherever you look you see Jews.'

There is a sense that an exclamation mark is missing at the end of this unsettlingly paranoid remark; you can almost hear his voice breaking as he utters this while reaching for yet another dose of fortified Valium.

'They sit behind the lines in Paris and Brussels, Rome and Athens, and fashion their reins from the skin of the unhappy nations that have fallen under their power.'

This is the point in his rant where the relationship between cause and effect reaches the peak of its entropic potential. Most who have heard anything about the horrific events of the Holocaust have heard at least some part of the rumors about the inmate-skin lampshades the Nazis fashioned for their luxury apartments and studies. For example, the one about Ilse Koch who allegedly ordered concentration camp inmates to be tattooed so that her lampshades could be especially flashy.

Whether any of that was true or not, Goebbels’ metaphor about the skin seems to be darkly linked to some torturous reality he was used to witnessing or hearing about, it feels as though it so naturally slipped into his narrative. But what about its origin? How did the victim become the criminal in such an effortless manner? This seems to be the theme throughout the text: the Jews (by their mere refusal to self-annihilate) caused the war and are causing “unnatural” alliances between the USA and Great Britain; those who were partially responsible for building up Germany’s economy are somehow also responsible for its disintegration; those who are the victims are actually the oppressors.

Finally, nearing the end of this propaganda of the elite’s insecurities, he comes up with the following nonsense, which brings to mind that common aphorism that goes something like “If everyone around you is an idiot, you just might be the idiot”:

'The fact that the German nation was the first on earth to recognize the danger and expel it from its organism is proof of its healthy instincts.'

Pioneer does not equal visionary.

What was most appalling about this was not so much the editorial itself, it was a given that such would be its contents – given the crippling insecurities that come with such abuse of power, gained by letting the cockroaches in one’s head take full and uncontrollable reign over one’s reality – but some of the reactions in the comments.

Here, the commentators’ main criticism of the Jews and point of agreement with Goebbels rested upon the fact that anti-Semitism is a taboo in many countries. These clueless advocates of irrepressible free speech will blindly attack political correctness, be it warranted or not. For lack of anything better to say or any depth of insight into any subject whatsoever, they will direct all their energy into finding someone to blame for their shortcomings. The Mexicans, the Russians, the Communists, anyone who is trendy to blame will be blamed.

This rise of nationalism has been an alarming trend in the last few years, but this is the first time I’ve ever come to see the red light so bright and clear.

The world is just beginning to recover from a recession, labor-intensive jobs are being replaced by computer-operated jobs, a portion of the population is left in a doubly bitter and idle state. Of course, the rise of nationalist leaders, promising to return jobs to the deprived and kick out these imaginary job thieves will seem like amazing news to all these people who have sought for an explanation in this sudden shake to their comfort zone. For them, any immigrant is like climate change is to Green Peace freaks. Once someone sets their mind in that direction, that is.

And nationalist leaders are taking advantage of this fact, just like Mussolini and Franco and Hitler took advantage of the political and social turmoil in their own countries after the war. The environment was similar: cost of living was rising, salaries remained the same, then inflation was mixed into the equation…

We’ve recovered from the economic crisis now, or almost have, but the trend has started, the dregs have been stirred and social media has been a great help, it kept the momentum going longer than it should have.

Either way, the red light seems to be saying that history is about to repeat itself in an updated 3.0 version and we will be dragged into a mass atrocity on a much more global scale. Or maybe I’m the paranoid one.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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