Ray McGovern Speaks at Huge Drone Protest at Ramstein Airbase, Germany

'War is a racket' - Smedley Butler

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“Now to the American soldaten, I would say, that you are not only allowed, you are required, to disobey illegal orders.”

Your hippie uncle, former CIA officer, political activist, and journalist, Ray McGovern, spoke before protesters at the Ramstein Airbase in Germany on June 11, reminding those gathered of one of the Nuremberg Principles: We are individually responsible for not obeying illegal orders.

Addressing the American drone program, McGovern reminds protesters that the way drone victims are targeted is not precise. The intelligence that is used to pinpoint “suspected terrorists” is abominable.

Referencing Pope Francis’s September, 2015 address to Congress, McGovern speaks out against the “blood-soaked” arms traders, who are making millions of dollars off the drone program.  

McGovern encourages American civilians and members of the American armed forces to protest a program that requires 22-year-olds  to press a button and almost instantaneously end the life of individuals who, in all likelihood, have no links with terror suspects.

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