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Rare Footage of Putin Boxing in 2004 - He Can Punch!

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Putin is a guy you don’t want to mess with. Not just politically, but physically as well.

Russian TV gives a very quick flashback of some rare footage back in 2004 showing Putin as he boxes, while his sparring partner notes his very fast reaction time, remarking “You have excellent reflexes”. While this was 15 years ago, Putin maintains good health and a youthful appearance for his age at 66 years old.

Very interesting to see such a well known leader taking a break from politics to practice some real physical activity like martial arts, rather than the “fitness photoshoots” leaders like Paul Ryan do.

Transcript below:


Before being involved in judo, Putin participated in boxing. He once even had his nose broken and the training stopped. And here is a shot from 2004 which few people have seen. Putin visiting a training session of professional boxers. A reaction time test, blow after blow.

“You have reflexes, Mr. Putin.”

As the bandages are wound, and the gloves put on, they start practicing on a punching bag. These shots demonstrate the rather poor conditions that even the best Russian athletes had to train in.

“If we installed a couple more air conditioners here, it would go better.

Vladimir Putin: “Well, it's not only air conditioners that should be installed here.”

“The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.”

Dozens of new stadiums all over the country, hundreds of modern sports complexes, crowded children's sports sections. People's attitude towards sports has surely changed.

Vladimir Putin: “This is one of the rates of social development.”

The number of Russians constantly engaged in sports has increased by a third in recent years. And the more people involved in sports, the more equipment they need. Previously they were purchased from abroad, but now they're made by Russian manufacturers.

“This is from the Canoe Sprint World Champs in Portugal.”

“It's a water sports medal. It was in 2018.”

“Sports has become fashionable. Nowadays we can find sports facilities even in the countryside.”

The Universiade in Krasnoyarsk will be held soon, so the volunteers are recruiting now.

Vladimir Putin: “I want, want, want... But just wanting isn't enough.”

The volunteers have plenty of skills: foreign languages, sympathy, creativity - everything to make the guests of the Universiade feel comfortable and excited.

- That's great. We should notice we have more good news tonight. Fedor Emelianenko defeated his American counterpart in Bellator. So, it was a good day and a good week for Russian sport. Pavel, can I congratulate you? I suppose, you also passed the TRP? No, I didn't. Cause I'm a bit late of age.

- But I'm going to deal with this issue

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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