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Putin's UN Speech Similar to 11 Months Ago in Sochi - Must Watch (Video Excerpt)

He already spelled all this out at a special conference for foreign Journalists in Sochi in October, 2014.  Worth listening to

He explained it all back then, how the US created ISIL, how destabilizing Syria would lead to disaster in the Middle East, how US mideast policy was both cynical and foolish.

Since Putin's UN speech the video excerpt below has been going viral on Facebook and Twitter, getting over 500,000 views in a matter of days.   Things get really interesting starting at the 1.34 minute mark.

<figcaption>Putin to the Western Press:  "How dumb are you guys?"</figcaption>
Putin to the Western Press: "How dumb are you guys?"

His message was completely miscontrued and misreported by the media at the time.  Apparently in order to break through the media blockade he has to speak from the tribune in NY.

Well worth listening to this short excerpt.  It is better and more hard-hitting than the UN speech.

Russia Insider reported on it extensively at the time, here by Alexander Mercouris, and here, by Dmitry Orlov.   Mercouris's article has had 50,000 views since then.   It was appropriately titled:  "Putin Just Made the Most Important Speech of His Career. The West Should Listen More Closely"



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