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Kremlin's Press Spokesman: Western Mainstream Media Is Losing Its Power

Dimitri Peskov said that Russian media was more balanced and also more honest

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally Appeared at Contra Magazine. Translated from the German by Werner Schrimpf

From the perspective of the Kremlin, there's a huge information war going on. Spokesperson Dmitri Peskov claimed that Russia’s opponents and critics lack any kind of objectivity and addressed his accusations primarily to Western mainstream media. According to Mr. Peskov, Russian media on the other hand, would offer a quite sophisticated and balanced level of standards.

During recent days, „Contra Magazin“ had reported several times on the lies and half-truths circulated by Western mainstream media. During an interview given by Russia’s TV station Rossiya 24, Mr. Peskov stated that Western mainstream media would continue to lose its humanity and would also give away its role as a provider of mass media.

The adequate remedy to counter this information war would be to play an active part in the global media game and to inform the international community and people to the best advantage. According to Mr. Peskov, Russia’s public and private run media are in a good position to fulfill this task. Russia’s media would be able to maintain a high level in quality and standards.

The problems with Western and especially German mainstream media are well known. This is true at least to consumers of independent blogs and portals who are pretty much aware of the continuous lying in the self-proclaimed “quality media”.
Hardly a day goes by without private as well as state run mainstream media launching an ugly and impertinent lie about Russia. Western media representatives often claim that Russian journalists would report biased and doubt their journalistic independence.

However the sinister connections and conspiracies between Western media in terms of politics, media, transatlantic think tanks and NGO’s are kept secret. But in contrary to German media, which is just pretending to be “independent”, Russia’s media portals like Russia Today and its branches make no secret of the fact they present facts and news from a Russian point of view.  

The German blog Propagandaschau (translation: propaganda watch) has specialized in unmasking German media to expose the the lies and manipulations. This blog mainly focuses on publicly financed German state TV stations “ARD” and “ZDF” which are a constant source of irreverent transatlantic propaganda and misrepresentation of facts. In the past, German mainstream media tried to fight back and classified any criticism as a dark conspiracy theory or just paid propaganda from the Kremlin, but they have yet to provide any proof of this.  


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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