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Putin Unveils Massive Formula-1 Complex in St. Petersburg - Ferrari CEO: ‘Can’t Believe My Eyes!’ (Russian TV News)

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A very cool look at the latest motor racing projects in Russia as Putin receives Jean Todt, president of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile and former CEO of Ferrari, to talk about developments for future racing.

We also see the under-construction “Igora Drive” complex, the world’s first racing complex that contains 10 different tracks for both race car and motorcycle competitions. The tour includes a virtual reality racing simulator for spectators to engage with, a simulation with multiple video screens and physical feedback for the driver's seat.

Racecar fans are going to be thrilled when this complex is finally released to the public in the future.

Transcript below:

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Vladimir Putin received Jean Todt, the President of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, on Thursday in Saint Petersburg. The Federation organizes Formula One races and includes 250 national auto clubs, uniting more than 100 million race car drivers.

Vladimir Putin: “I want to note that we don't just host Formula One, but we also have the next stage. As you know, we're building a large, decent motor center near Saint Petersburg. I would like you to visit it, give your appraisal, and recommendations on how we should develop racing in the future.”

Jean Todt: “It's a big honor to meet you. I've come to Formula One in Sochi several times and I've come to Formula E to Moscow. I wanted to present this helmet with your name on it to you.”

Vladimir Putin: “Thank you very much.”

As it was promised, the delegation was invited to visit the "Igora Drive" complex, which is under construction. This is a unique sports-entertainment complex of a global scale. For the first time in the world, one territory will contain 10 tracks for professional auto and motorcycle competitions.

The complex has a unique configuration and infrastructure. The racetrack meets the highest safety standards. The guests didn't conceal their emotions after their visit.

Jean Todt: “I came here today with a delegation. I couldn't believe what I saw. You know, many things inspire me: cars, motorcycle racing, and now this wonderful complex does as well. It can encompass so many things." 

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"I can say that I'm very impressed. All of this was done in a very short term. I admire this project and totally support it. This complex is created not only for Russian citizens but also for foreign guests, which is great.”

Hermann Tilke, architect of the "Igora Drive" complex: “The unique feature of this complex is that it unites the tracks in ways that one can only imagine: from carting to motocross. Any level of racing can be held here. This complex will definitely support the development of motor racing in Russia.”

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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