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Putin Tells a Joke to Beautiful Russian Policewomen: What Do Women Need to Stay Fit?

Congratulating women on the upcoming holiday, Vladimir Putin literally was tall in the saddle. The president visited the first operational regiment of the Moscow Police. Its officers including quite a few women who provide public order in places where automobiles may be used, such as in parks.


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These girls can stop a galloping horse and then make it strike into a canter again. Perhaps the most spectacular unit of the Russian police. They can do trick riding and handle a sword.

For Vladimir Putin, who, as promised before, came to the first operational regiment especially on the eve of Women's Day, they laid a sawdust carpet in the shape of "March 8". The police personnel was demonstrated.

Vladimir Putin: “What beautiful horses you have!”

The horses are mostly Orlov trotters. But there are also Budyonny and Hanoverian horses.

- They are white mostly?

- Yes, the whole platoon of them.

Putin was offered to try.

- We know that you can ride. So we've prepared a horse for you. Care for a ride?

- I do.

- Thank you.

Putin quickly mounted a horse named Vandervals, or just "Vanya". To the tune of Moscow Nights, they went circling, first at a slow pace, and then at a jog-trot.

- Did he realize who was riding him?

- I think he did. Actually, Vanya has character.

But the horses are specially trained to resist stress. After all, they protect public order, often in a crowd, for example, during soccer matches. The recent World Cup was their finest hour. Pictures of Moscow cavalry girls were actively circulating among the fans. Unexpectedly, Sergeants Dasha and Sasha became the face of the Russian police for foreigners... The most charming and attractive.

“They asked for a photo, wanted to get acquainted, some even wanted to marry us.”

A cavalryman has always been a man's job but now everything has changed. It turned that out women do the job even better. It's important not only to be able to stay in the saddle but also to find a common language with the animal.

Vladimir Putin:

- Women are much quicker at that. Women make up 26% of the police, correct?

- Correct.

- Women are increasingly claiming their rights to new professions.

- It's convenient to carry the service when a patrol consists of a man and a woman. It's easier for them to find a common language with the citizens who turn to certain issues.

- We have a joke — what do women need to stay fit? There are three elements — a training device, a masseur, and an admirer. You have such cool guys; they can do all three functions. Well, at least the second and the third for sure.

Oraz Mamraliyev: “Some girls can outpace men easily.”

This is what veterans say about the new cavalry shift. Oraz Mamraliyev spent 88 years out of his 92 in the saddle. He prepared a horse for Zhukov himself at the Victory Parade of 1945. Today, he evaluated the president's dressage.

Oraz Mamraliyev:

- That was a good one. You ride better than some marshals. You have a good seat.

Vladimir Putin:

- Thank you very much. And thank you for keeping in touch with the regiment.

- I can't live without the cavalry.

- The cavalry can't function without people like you.

Putin didn't come to the regiment empty-handed; he brought an Orlov trotter of noble gray color, named Golden Ray. That's a fine addition to the regiment.

- When will he be ready for an officer?

Roman Shishkin, mounted police officer: "In 20 months, I think."

He's already comfortable in the stable and seems to get acquainted with his colleagues. Tomorrow, he will go on his first patrol.

Vladimir Putin:

- I wish you a successful service and happiness, including personal happiness. I congratulate you on the upcoming holiday, Women's Day.

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- Thank you.

The officers prepared a gift for the president as well. It's, of course, a horseshoe for good luck.

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