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Putin Tells a Great Joke to Explain Why He Won't Skimp on Russia's Military

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Putin facing the Russian media - the journalists furiously wave signs in an effort to get him to call on them, the yellow one reads: "Cheated Home Buyers"

This happened today at one of Putin's regular marathon press conferences, where he invites in a large crowd of journalists, many of them his fierce opponents, and answers questions for about 4 hours, many of them hostile.

No American or European leader would dare to subject himself to this - only the 'autocratic', 'dictator', would - you know, the guy the media always compares to Hitler.

The man positively radiates confidence, like an athlete at the top of his game. No Western politician comes close to Putin in how he explains the facts of life to the world.

And what he says makes perfect sense.

Text of joke follows the video:

A retired officer asks his son,

"I had an old service dagger here, have you seen it?"

The boy answers,

"Oh sorry Dad, please don't be angry I exchanged it for a watch with the boy next door."

The father says, 

"Okay, can I see the watch?", he looks at it and says, "It's a nice watch, well done."

And then he adds, "You know, if today we have been robbed, the robbers could have killed me and Mom, and abused your older sister ,and you'd have come out of the bedroom and said,

'Good evening Gents!, the current time in Moscow is 12:30!'"

(Crowd laughs)

Then Putin adds:

We don't want to find ourselves and that kind of the situation so we'll pay good attention to the development of the Army and Navy - and we'll do it without being dragged into an arms race, or destroying the budget.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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