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Putin Stunner #3: 'The Dagger' - Invincible Plane-Launched Nuke Missile at 10X Speed of Sound (Video)

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Putin's historic, game-changing speech yesterday announced 5 key new technological weapons breakthroughs, putting Russia far ahead of NATO and the US, making its weapons, as Putin underlined many times, 'invincible'.

We've excerpted the parts of the speech where he describes each weapon, and will be posting them here. The other weapons are:

And Putin's explanation of why Russia developed all these weapons:

Transcript below:


Countries with high research potential and advanced technology are known to be actively developing so-called hypersonic weapons.


The speed of sound is usually measured in Mach numbers in honour of Austrian scientist Ernst Mach who is known for his research in this field.


One Mach is equal to 1,062 kilometres per hour at an altitude of 11 kilometres.


The speed of sound is Mach 1, speeds between Mach 1 and Mach 5 is called supersonic, and hypersonic is above Mach 5.


Of course, this kind of weapon provides substantial advantages in an armed conflict.


Military experts believe that it would be extremely powerful, and that its speed makes it invulnerable to current missile and air defence systems,


since interceptor missiles are, simply put, not fast enough.


In this regard, it is quite understandable why the leading armies of the world seek to possess such an ideal weapon.


Friends, Russia already has such a weapon.


The most important stage in the development of modern weapons systems was the creation of a high-precision hypersonic aircraft missile system;


as you already know for sure, it is the only one of its kind in the world.


Its tests have been successfully completed, and, moreover, on December 1 of last year, these systems began their trial service at the airfields of the Southern Military District.


The unique flight characteristics of the high-speed carrier aircraft allow the missile to be delivered to the point of discharge within minutes.


The missile flying at a hypersonic speed, 10 times faster than the speed of sound, can also manoeuvre at all phases of its flight trajectory,


which also allows it to overcome all existing and, I think, prospective anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence systems,


delivering nuclear and conventional warheads in a range of over 2,000 kilometres.


We called this system Kinzhal (Dagger).

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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