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Putin: Should Russia Create a Separate Internet?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Putin talked to journalists about the possibility of setting up a separate internet, in the event that Russia is cut off from the existing web.

Do it. And please, let Americans and Europeans use it.

How great would it be not to be tracked online by Google, Faceberg, the CIA, FBI, MI6, Mossad, and God know who else?

I mean, the FSB would be watching, but whatever. At least they aren't going to indict or imprison you for something you say online. 

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The depths to which we've sunk.


Vladimir Todorov, Editor in Chief of

Mr President, you have devoted a lot of time and attention to the development of the digital economy and, in particular, the availability of high-speed internet.

There has been much talk lately of a bill on the sustainable operation of Runet, and in this regard,

I am interested in your opinion: is there really a threat that Russia will be cut off from the global net, as they say?

In fact, it would be the first such precedent in history.

Vladimir Putin:

You know, I cannot say for our partners what they have in mind.

I think that it will cause them enormous damage, politically, let alone economically.

But not only that; there are also the interests of their special services. It is their invention.

They can see, hear, and read all that you say, and accumulate defence information. And that would no longer be possible.

I think they will think a hundred times before doing this. But theoretically, anything is possible.

Therefore, we must certainly create such segments that do not depend on anyone.

This much is absolutely obvious. And technologically, of course, this can be done.

Vladimir Todorov:

But would this not affect the functioning of the Russian internet, in particular, in terms of speed, something you spoke about today?

Vladimir Putin:

You know, that is possible, too.

Therefore, we need to develop our systems, we need to invest more in them, not cut any corners,

keeping in mind that this is one of the key fields of development in the world in general, and for our country as well – that is what I already said in my Address today.

Therefore, we must bear this in mind, but we are not going to cut ourselves off – we are simply not going to do this.

But if they do this, I repeat, the damage for them will be great, if not enormous. In all spheres –their special services, the economy, and politics.

But it must be borne in mind that theoretically, this is possible, and one needs to be ready for this anyway.

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Well, in general, the more sovereignty we have, including in the digital field, the better. And this is a very important area.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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