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Russia to Send Wheat to Alleviate Venezuela's Food Crisis

Pro-government media is reporting that Russia is bailing out Maduro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Russian President Vladimir Putin ratified Tuesday their strategic alliance in economic, military and agricultural matters.

Maduro said that his Russian counterpart had promised in a phone conversation to send its top experts and to build agrarian factories next year in five Venezuelan states in order to provide technology, equipment and capital to combat the economic sabotage being carried out by right-wing forces.

Putin also agreed to renew the military cooperation with Venezuela and to send modern military equipment by 2017, Maduro added.

With the sabotage from local producers, provoking a scarcity of basic goods, Maduro welcomed Putin's offer to send as much wheat as needed to combat the food war.

Both heads of state agreed to join forces in a bid to stabilize the oil market after OPEC agreed to reduce its global production. "He confirmed that Russia would reduce its production to support OPEC, to stabilize the market," Maduro said.

OPEC members will meet Saturday in Vienna, Austria, reported the Russian presidency on Twitter.


Source: teleSUR
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