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Putin Says America Needs to do Something About Its Migrants and Drugs - He Should Run in 2020 (Video)

For the first two years of this site’s history (2013-2015), I advocated that Vladimir Putin become the president of the United States, because there is nothing in the US Constitution that says a person can’t be the president of Russia and the US at the same time. Then I supported Donald Trump for three years – and he betrayed us.

Now I’m back to thinking we should have just elected Putin in the first place.

In an interview with the Financial Times on Friday, Putin said that “liberalism is obsolete,” and that America has to stop immigrants and drugs.

He said:

One can criticize President Trump as much as they want for the wish to build a wall between Mexico and the US. Maybe that’s excessive, I don’t know. But he has to do something with the flow of migrants and drugs, doesn’t he? No one is doing anything.

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The liberal idea presupposed that nothing needs to be done. Migrants can kill, plunder, and rape with impunity because their rights as migrants must be protected. What rights? Every crime must have its punishment. So the idea [of liberalism] has outlived itself and came into conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population.

He’s saying the same thing Trump said, only he’s a real politician and has actually done something about immigrants and drugs in Russia.

And Trump never said outright that “liberalism has failed.”

In fact, he’s continued to support many forms of liberalism – because he’s being influenced by the conservatives, and conservatism is a form of liberalism. Most importantly to me, he’s refused to say that the rights of multinational corporations are not more important than the First Amendment, which is the position of the conservatives, who somehow argue that no policy of the government should ever support freedom.

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We are now entering the most brutal age of speech repression in all of history – everyone got online, where they thought they would have free speech, and stopped using print media. Now the internet is being completely locked down and no one is familiar with print media anymore.

Free speech is the most important issue of all, because without it, there is no discussion and you are simply told what you must do.

And Donald Trump is doing nothing about it, as it disappears completely under his watch.

We’d be better off with openly anti-liberal PUTIN as president, and hopefully he will announce that he’s challenging Trump for the 2020 GOP nomination in the near future.

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