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Putin Reveals Childhood Dream Job, Advises Students on Career Choice (Russian TV News)

Putin does these kind of townhall meetings with regular Russians all the time, every couple of weeks it seems. Russians love it.


Sure, when you have to choose your way in life while having a video-link with the President it's only natural to seek the head of state's council on where to go for education.

- What do you think, sir, which occupations could suit me?

Vladimir Putin: “Only you can answer this question. You, and no one else. I used to have all sorts of dreams. Like every young man, I wanted to become a sailor, a pilot. I was visiting colleges, walking down the halls learning, what was going on there. You should try it on and feel it. Can you do it your entire life? The moment you find your niche you'll realize: that's for me!”

And many find the niche, judging by how eagerly university graduates join industries, especially the hi-tech industries.

Vladimir Putin: “This year alone, a quarter of a million young people joined the big enterprises of our country which are involved in innovations. Such as new materials, medicines, unmanned transport, AI, the whole biology field including genetic research. All those are greatly significant and will decide the country's future. Not only your personal future but the future of your children and grandchildren as well.”

18 schools from different regions take turns sharing the video link with the President. A team of telecommunication technologies specialists is responsible for the link. We can even peep on how this works. Via optic fiber, the signal reaches the commutator. Sound and video directors put the picture from another location on the screen.

Students from the town of Yerofey Pavlovich, Amur Oblast have a very interesting project: modernization of the passenger train.

Roman Shestakov, student of School №50, Yerofey Pavlovich: “When we heard we had won we were like, "Wow!". Because winning in the Proektoriya is awesome.”

Vladimir Putin: “We must do everything so people: a) can study and get an occupation in the place they live, where they were born and raised. b) can then fulfill themselves in this occupation. In their towns and villages. It's not only possible but necessary for the country's territorial development.”

The national Proektoria forum is being held since 2013 on instructions from the President. Among the participants, there are the best educators in the country, school students, experts from the largest Russian companies, heads of the leading universities and regional governors.

Dmitriy Mironov, Governor of Yaroslavl Oblast: “It's important that parents are also present at the forum. They can be proud of their children and give them pep talks.”

It's not a coincidence they chose Yaroslavl.

Tatyana Golikova, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia: “A lot of intellectual potential of our enterprises, including the defense ones, is concentrated here. It's also a chance to talk with our country's largest employers, and a hope for the one's future.”

It's Proektoria that helped some people choose their future occupation. Students from Saint Petersburg were learning how the latest medical equipment works. And Andrey Zorin from Tula became very interested in eco-friendly metallurgy.

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Andrei Zorin, Proektoria participant: “I visited the conference dedicated to energy-saving technologies and realized that it's really interesting and I that can involve myself in it.”

Vladimir Putin: “The choice became harder to make, but our boys and girls are much better than us. By diving deep in the ocean of information, they develop faster and become more interesting than we have ever been and currently are.”

Putin adds, that the 100% indicator you made the right choice is when something clicks inside you and you can no longer imagine yourself doing any other job.

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