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Putin Relates How Obama Explained to Him that America Is an 'Exceptional Nation' with 'Exclusive Rights Everywhere in the World' (Video)

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Needless to say, Putin was not impressed. 


- So you addressed Trump as ‘Donald’, in a friendly way.

- He calls me Vladimir, I call him Donald.

- I mean, you have worked with four American presidents. Once Bush saw something in your eyes…

- Yes…

- But things did not go well with Obama, is that correct?

- Well…

- Who was it that you felt most at ease with?

- It is difficult for me to say now. Indeed, I had fairly constructive relations with each of them.

- But it did not go well with Obama.

- Did it or didn’t… I had good relations with Bush.

- Did somebody put you at odds with him?

- No, it has nothing to do with ‘being at odds’. It's just that when a person says that…

- Do you mean Barack?

- Sorry?

- Do you mean Barack?

- Yes. He already stated that the US is an exceptional nation, with special, exclusive rights to practically the entire world, I cannot go along with that.

God created us all equal and gave us equal rights.

So, I think it is absolutely ungrounded to say that some people should have exclusive rights to anything.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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