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Putin Re US Korea Policy: 'Honestly - Weird, Zero Common Sense - Americans Are 'Interesting' People'

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Another choice moment from yesterday's marathon press conference.

Again good footage of the packed hall of journos waving signs hoping that Putin will answer their questions.

A caricature of what is wrong with the West, in the person of an old woman who looks like she lives alone with a cat and worries about Brexit, complete with Woody Allen glasses and unkempt hair, who works for the rabidly liberal, Putin-hating, Associated Press, Kate de Pury, asks a question about North Korea, and Putin goes to town ...

He ridicules American congressmen and senators, questions their sanity, insinuates that Ms. de Pury is in league with them, says that their policy in Korea is nuts, reminds the world that the US blew up Libya and Iraq for no reason at all, that it used nuclear weapons against Japan when it didn't need to, and that it is the US who has made a hash of the North Korea situation and is seriously endangering the world, as it has many times before.

You're 'interesting' people, I'll give you that. Have you paid attention to your congressmen and senators? They're so well-dressed. They seem to be smart people. ... Are they sane? It seems plain weird to me. It's beyond common sense.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Full transcript below:

Kate de Pury, Associated Press. I'll ask my question in English if I might.

The US wants Russia to do more to persuade North Korea to curtail its missile programs Does Russia support stricter sanctions against North Korea? Do you think the cooperation with North Korea could warm up Russian relations with the US under Trump? Thank you.

The face of contemporary Western femininity - the Russians are right to be horrified - and not just them, the entire Islamic and Asian world too ...

You're 'interesting' people, I'll give you that. Have you paid attention to your congressmen and senators? They're so well-dressed. They seem to be smart people. They've placed us on par with North Korea and Iran. And at the same time, they're pushing Trump to persuade us to cooperate in solving the nuclear crises in North Korea and Iran. Are they sane? It seems plain weird to me. It's beyond common sense.

A humorous moment from the press conference

But our policy, unlike the policy of some other countries always retains its initial course. We're trying to cooperate with everybody on the acutest issues of the international security. We try not to get offended, we don't hold the grudge when some country makes a questionable decision.

But our position on North Korea is well known. We don't acknowledge the nuclear status of North Korea. We consider everything that's happening there to be counterproductive.

I'd like to remind you In 2005, North Korea signed an agreement on stopping its nuclear program. North Korea took certain responsibilities. Everyone gladly signed these agreements. And several months later, it occurred to the US that these agreements weren't enough. They instantly seized the accounts of the North Korean banks and said North Korea had to do something more. Beyond the signed agreements. North Korea said "screw this", terminated the agreements and continued to develop its nuclear program.

Why did you do this? Did you think it wasn't enough? Why did you sign the initial agreements then? You provoked North Korea to terminate them. And then even worse: Libya, Iraq. I've addressed the issue multiple times. North Korea sees no way to survive other than by developing the weapons of mass destruction and missiles. They've recently developed a missile that could reach the US territory. From the look of it. The situation's awful.

We think that both sides need to stop provoking each other. Our American partners have said: "all right, we'll stop the drills." Nope. Here they go conducting another one. And North Korea launched another missile. This spiral must be finished. The situation's extremely dangerous. We've discussed it with our US partners. If we assume the US would deliver strikes the conventional ones the precise non-nuclear strikes where would they hit?

Does CIA or DIA know exactly what targets to strike? With one shot? Of course no, North Korea is a closed state. You might know something, but not everything. And North Korea is one launch away from a global cataclysm. A cataclysm!

Yes, the US has resorted to nuclear weapons once against Japan. Without a reasonable basis, if you ask me. But now there's absolutely no need. One must be really careful.

Today, Mr. Tillerson said that the US is ready for a direct contact. That's great news. That's great news. It means that the US authorities and the State Department are beginning to realize what's going on in the world. I hope together with the DIA and Pentagon they'll apply common sense and act accordingly.

In that case, we'll gladly cooperate with the US on all such issues including North Korea.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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