Putin Participates in Huge 30,000 Strong Global Youth Festival in Sochi

Putin to young people: "Be bold enough to change this world, to make it better! You can do that!"

In Russia’s Black Sea resort city of Sochi, the country is hosting the worlds 19th annual Festival of Youth and Students.

Sochi is in Krasnodar Krai, in the Kuban region of Russia, home to some of her fiercest Cossacks who will be patrolling the streets of this major, colorful event.

It's actually a really big deal, tens of thousands from around the world are participating as we wrote about:

5,000 Russian and foreign volunteers are going to work at the festival. In several days, Sochi will start meeting festival participants.

There will be 20,000 of them — representatives of 150 countries.

Why isn't something this major covered in western Main Stream Media you ask, well, if you've been reading Russia Insider or alternative media, this shouldn't be surprising to you, but if you're new, I'll let you in on a little secret:

The MSM has no interest in portraying the real Russia. They definitely don't want you to realize places like Sochi exist, a warm, beautiful coastal city with a Mediterranean climate which is now hosting young people from around the world.

We covered...

See for yourself, let's take a trip to Sochi on the Black Sea.


Participants will decide on a global development strategy for the student movement in Russia and the world. 

The highlights of the youth conference can be seen in this great video. You can really see how this is an important international event with representatives from the world over. Amazing how something as colorful as this goes unnoticed.

President Putin opened the youth conference to roaring applause which we covered on our YouTube channel. Here is a report of the event by TASS news.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given an official start to the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students in Russia’s Black Sea resort city of Sochi.

"I declare the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students open," he said at the opening ceremony in Sochi’s Bolshoi Ice Dome on Sunday. "Way to go!"

He wished young people to be consistent and bold in their efforts towards their goals.

"I am confident, you, the youth from various countries, of various nationalities and religions, are united by a common feeling of values and goals, striving for freedom, happiness, peace and accord on the planet, aspiration for bigger achievements," the president said.

"We will do our best for you to achieve success," he pledged.

"Energy and talent of the youth have astonishing power. The younger generation is always bringing innovative ideas. You are prone to experiments, disputes, you never accept traditopnal ways of life. Be daring! Create your own future! Be bold enough to change this world, to make it better! You can do that," Putin stressed.

President Putin met with a famous young Russian scientist Artem Oganov, whose name is on the Forbes list of 50 Russians who changed the world. Together, he and the President discussed the problem of brain drain to foreign countries.

Artem left Russia to pursue education abroad, but he has since returned to the Motherland.

When he returned home, he found himself very happy with what he saw, both in academia and in general life. And what does this brilliant scientific mind have to say to fellow Russians abroad "Russia is going in the right direction...you should return!"

Russian students attending this conference did not only get an opportunity to participate in educational forums, but they received a great education in culture as well. Putin also discussed how Russia can preserve its Christian European culture in areas where America has already failed. 

The youth festival got to hear from great and inspiring female speakers as well. Maria Zakharova, the Foreign Ministries lovely and brilliant spokeswoman addressed the students as well.

She addressed the ridiculous argument of how Russia is utilizing the insidious influence of Pokemon Go! in its latest so-called "hybrid war". She also explained how they can counter this actually insidious anti-Russian propaganda. Zakharova stands a colossus before her western colleagues.  

The festival will be guarded by the legendary Kuban Cossacks, decedents of the Ukrainian Zaporozhian Cossack Host, who of old battled the Ottoman Sultan. Guests may remember them from the 2014 Olympics in the city. They are also famous for their internationally acclaimed choir.

They will not only ensure the general peace, but are eager to share the Cossack lore of Russian culture with new guests.

Cossack Vladislav Lavrinenko had this to say:

"People come over and ask questions. So we explain who the Cossacks are. Of course, they also take pictures"

All in all, this is more proof that as the natural order of a multipolar world emerges, Russia will remain a keystone state in its development.

It's a shame that more western students did not know about this event, and could not participate, but the world will move on.

It is inspiring to see Russia and President Putin taking a stand for the international youth movement. I can only imagine, after imparting on them what wisdom and support he can, his advice, and that of the Cossacks will be just like the legendary Cossack Ataman Taras Bulba "Make sure to come again next spring...and don't forget to have some fun!"

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