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Putin Explores His Huge New Weapons Research ‘Technopolis’ (Russian TV News)

Elite of the Russian Army staff give Putin a tour of the latest innovative weapon technologies.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This really cool segment follows Vladimir Putin as he takes a tour of the ERA technopolis while exploring the newest in weapons development.

This military technopolis spans includes 18 different laboratories and has 600 rare experiment instruments. Putin talks about the military conscripts re-enlisting while remarking "Serving your Fatherland is a special kind of honor and joy".

Transcript provided below:


These are special 20-cm soles for EOD technicians. They can withstand the explosion of an anti-personnel mine, even the shoes remain intact.

“A series of range tests showed its effectiveness. It can withstand explosions of 110 grams of TNT.”

Here's a medical unit from the near future. It's a unique anti-burn device. The substance heals but doesn't stick to the wound. So far, only one prototype exists.

TIMOFEY GRIGORYEV, RESEARCHER: "When a person has 50% burns to their body, this technology becomes critical."

Everything was developed in Russia by the first military technopolis in Russia that had been recently created. It has 18 laboratories and 600 rare experiment instruments.

This famous Black Sea resort is entering a new era. In our case, "ERA" is an acronym which means "Elite of the Russian Army." After Defense Ministry R&R facilities were closed for repairs, this advanced military center appeared. It was built in less than six months. The model was presented to the President on February 23rd in the Kremlin. Now, Vladimir Putin is inspecting the operating technopolis. It has a swimming pool, a hockey rink, and a canteen overlooking the sea.

“All this allows the servicemen to communicate and discuss their research in a comfortable environment.”

Vladimir Putin:

- It's a nice place to have a cup of tea.

- Yes, sir!

The research is done by military conscripts. Instead of living in barracks, they've got their own suite-like rooms.

- We use this TV to convey information to the personnel. Yesterday, no one could imagine that the conscripts…

Vladimir Putin:

- Do you have any reserve channels to contact them?

- Each serviceman has a special watch. Each company commander of the Ratnik group has access to them. The servicemen always carry a reserve communication channel.

- He has an answer for every question. Good job, Rinat.

The servicemen are upgrading their skills at the interactive digital library.

- It's searching for extracts from Karamzin's book The History of the Russian State, 1824.

Vladimir Putin:

- You should use other sources as well. Karamzin has a rather specific view on the history of our state. Other researchers have different perspectives. You must be able to compare different points of view.

Four research companies, 160 conscripts. Only university graduates get to serve here. Some of them even have two degrees.

Vladimir Putin:

- How did you end up here?

- I saw them recruiting online and submitted my application. My mean score was enough to get in here.

- Do you like it here?

- Yes, it's great here, it's perfect. The food's great too.

- That's nice. Take care.

Every day, more and more conscripts decide to reenlist. How can anybody want to leave when the President himself wrote: "Serving your Fatherland is a special kind of honor and joy."

Vladimir Putin:

- Is it November 24th today?

- It's the 22nd.

Major military industry companies are already working with the facility. The list includes Kalashnikov Concern, the Sukhoi Aviation Company, and Uralvagonzavod. They are interested in new specialists and new technologies.

Vladimir Putin: “Defense and civilian technologies go hand in hand, often intertwining with and enriching each other. Therefore, any formal dividing lines between industries are often relative here.”

The projects that are capable of ensuring the military industrial superiority of Russia: hypersonic UAVs, new high-precision weapons, and advanced munitions.

Vladimir Putin: “Rather than the notorious "dumb bombs," we require smart high-precision munitions that increase the capacity of current and prospective weapons systems. What's more, I would like to point out that they save a lot of money. What was previously achieved with costly weapon systems can be achieved today with the aid of quite inexpensive systems by using highly effective advanced high-precision ammunition.”

The center is supposed to be able to implement any project; from the creation of a prototype to the stage of mass production. One of the future projects is a summer camp for gifted kids; something like Sochi's Sirius.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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