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Putin Explains Why He's So Polite When Western Elites Are So Rude to Him

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

When it comes to dealing with foreign leaders, Putin prefers to take the high road. Despite all the anti-Russian hysteria in the West, he has always remained diplomatic. Here he explains why:


- Everyone is being rude to us and you call them partners. Why are you so polite?

Vladimir Putin:

- I don't think I'm that polite. Even though I used to hang out on the streets a lot as a kid, I was still hanging out on the streets of Leningrad, St. Petersburg. The outside environment of St. Petersburg invokes certain harmony in a person. These aren't just mere words, it's true. The outside environment, the architecture of the city is very harmonious. It's bound to influence a person and shape their understanding of harmony. That's my first point.

Secondly, the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, the Bolshoi Drama Theater are all parts of the environment I grew up in. In addition, political culture is part of our general culture. And if somebody lacks it, it's their problem.

Thirdly, I represent Russia. Russia is a well-educated and highly civilized country. I must never forget that.

And fourthly, often when relations between countries reach the critical point, become complicated, and deteriorate, the last thing that could help restore the relations is the personal relations of the national leaders. In this case, you can never shut the door.

- Alexander Kuznetsov from Chelyabinsk asks…

- It's in the interests of our country and our people. This is another thing I must never forget.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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