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Putin Chats Up Beautiful Russian Police Academy Grads (Russian TV News)

Another day, another presidential photo-op.

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Nice to see that Russian TV isn’t infected with the PC plague. They chose a bunch of the prettiest grads for this photo op and referred to them as ‘girls’.

They have a great time inspecting various knives and daggers used in crimes, plus some hi-tech imaging software. A great time was had by all.

Transcript provided below:


- But we surely know the people who can cope with any task. The Russian Police celebrated its professional day on the 10th of November: Law Enforcement Officer Day. The president congratulated them and not alone, but with their future colleagues: the cadets of the Interior Ministry University. The cadet-girls are very pretty.

- Exactly. The president recorded his address to the officers of the law enforcement agency in the midst of both the male and female cadets. but our cameras watched from the sidelines, as always, and saw what no else has: how those addresses are actually recorded. Let's watch it together.

The final preparations for the recording of the president's address. Everything is ready.

Vladimir Putin:

Vladimir Alexandrovich, we're congratulating all of the officers, right?

- Yes.

- Good.

- This will be shown in the State Kremlin Palace right away. Camera, stop.

- Stop.

Vladimir Putin: “Esteemed comrades, dear veterans. I congratulate you on Law Enforcement Officer Day.”

Putin recorded the address together with the cadets of the Interior Ministry University, which has had 40,000 graduates since it was established.

- I study at the Legal Inquiry Institute.

Vladimir Putin:

- And you?

- The Investigative Faculty. A particular specialty, a detective of the criminal investigation department.

- It's a key specialty.

The university uses the most advanced teaching methods: an innovative program, allowing the reconstruction of a person's face in mere hours. And this lab studies bladed throwing weapons.

- We answer a question: is that a specific type of a bladed weapon or is that a household item, like machete over there, or sports equipment like this one.

Vladimir Putin:

- What's the difference?

A microscope with an 800-fold amplification can easily determine a forgery.

Dmitry Peskov:

- Here it's bulgy, and here it's not.

- And by the quality of the paper?

- Yes, that's right, but still…

After the recording, Putin once again turned to the cadets who were with him during the congratulation.

Vladimir Putin: “Everything that I said is not just a formality, it is true. The moment you receive your service gun or you are vested with authority, the responsibility you bear will be huge.”

The president placed particular emphasis on what underlies the successful service of a law enforcement officer.

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Vladimir Putin: “Personal decency, honesty, devotion to the profession, and duty.”

The teachers of the university try to train their cadets to be just like this.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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