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Putin Trolls the West: 'I've Been Reading Your Instructions to NGOs to Destabilize Russia'

The United States is complaining about alleged foreign interference in its elections? That's rich.

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It's now an irrefutable rumor that Vladimir Putin installed Trump in the White House by using internet blogs and neck beard hackers. But does this mean Russia gets the Olympic gold for best meddlers in foreign elections? Hardly.

The United States has a long, proud history of interfering in elections all over the world. Washington is allowed to do this because it is "the exceptional nation" which knows what's best for everybody, everywhere. Heck, in 2006, Hillary even wanted to rig the elections in Palestine. You know, Palestine — the open air prison? Yeah, can't even trust them with their own elections. They might elect a leader who doesn't want to live in a giant Israeli-controlled prison. Can't have that.

<figcaption>See? Russia really does steal emails...</figcaption>
See? Russia really does steal emails...

Anyway, at a recent Kremlin powwow Putin reminded his western partners that he is well aware of all their exceptional meddling, which, in Russia's case, is done by "pro-democracy NGOs" and other State Department/CIA fronts. Listen to Putin shaming the west:

I recently had a conversation with one of my colleagues. We touched upon our alleged influence on some political processes abroad. I told him: 'And what are you doing? You have been constantly interfering in our political life.' And he replied: 'It's not us, it's the NGOs'. I said: 'Oh? But you pay them and write instructions for them.' He said: 'What kind of instructions?' I said: 'I have been reading them.'


See? The Kremlin really is stealing emails!

Zero shits given. Classic Putin.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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