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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Charles is the founder and editor of Russia Insider. He can be reached at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter.

A central theme I have been hammering at for years now is my conviction that we have to create real national media that can completely supplant the existing mainstream media. We have to take back control of information and opinion from the malignant forces that control it today. Until we do, REAL improvement in our national affairs will NOT happen.

The media truly are the fourth branch of government, and their power far exceeds the other three. Control the media and you control Congress, the courts, and the President, and more important, the very psyche of the nation. Other powerful influencers of opinion - academia, entertainment, and book publishing are strongly dependent on support or lack of it in the media.

In COVID, and more importantly, the economic heart attack is has induced, it now appears that our nation is facing a challenge as severe and dangerous as it ever has. The danger comes not from the infection, which now appears to be peaking, rather from the rot it is has laid bare, which has been festering for ages, going right back to the founding of our country. It is the fraud, the swindling, the lying, the lack of Christian faith, the moral decadence, the criminal, genocidal war-mongering that we have allowed to run wild.

If there was ever a time that our people need to know the truth, and have the real facts, this is it.

It is time for Americans to step up and ACT - if we fail to do so, we well deserve the prison walls we see slowly growing up around us - walls defended by the mainstream media. Until we do, - it is as clear as day - nothing will improve, and this economic crisis we face will only bring a more wretched outcome.

Since moving back to America from Russia 2 years ago I have been working to build an organization that has the financial, human, and physical resources to mount such an operation. We now have a strong financial commitment from American supporters to do just that, and that commitment is likely to grow. That support comes with zero strings attached in terms of editorial control, which I retain completely. We also have also built a great team which has every potential to grow and improve.

Truth to Power is our first effort, and we are at work on 3 more sites.

On Truth to Power you will find many of the themes we have developed at Russia Insider over the years, but most importantly these will be: 1) Economic justice for working and middle-class Americans, and, 2) Powerful criticism of our elites and the economic plundering they inflict on us with their ridiculous $1 Trillion military, a healthcare system which is essentially a shake-down operation, and financial market swindling.

You can find the latest headlines from Truth to Power in the right column of Russia Insider, together with the latest Tweets from the TTP team. TTP also runs a great politically incorrect meme collection channel on Telegram, and I encourage everyone to follow it. Telegram is far less censored than Twitter, and is a fast-growing alternative - a place for free and honest speech.

Luckily for America and the world, the alternative media, left, right, and center continue to produce a staggering quantity of excellent reporting, analysis, and criticism far superior to the hopelessly corrupt and neutered mainstream media. Our first mission will be to bring readers a selection of articles we think are interesting. As our team grows we will be adding more original content.

If you like what Russia Insider has done over the years, you can be of enormous help in getting the word out. Follow and read Truth to Power, and share, share, share our articles. In the coming weeks we will be setting up donation options, and you can help that way too. For now, if you want to contribute financially, please donate to Russia Insider, we are all one team.

I also encourage you to participate in our comments section. Unlike on Russia Insider, where we use Disqus, a third-party comment service we do not fully control, we are using a fully proprietary one on Truth to Power. Unlike on Russia Insider, where financial constraints prevented us from moderation, it will be well-moderated from the beginning, and trolls and trouble-makers will be quickly removed. We plan for it to become a valuable public forum for high quality and thoughtful debate. Your participation there will be a huge boost to the site.

We are just setting out, so there are some bugs on the site. We'll fix them as quickly as possible.

I appeal to you to join us in standing up for the truth. If we as a nation fail to do so, God will certainly desert us, and our civilization will most certainly fail.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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