Proper Journalist Jeremy Scahill Goes on CNN, Rips It a New One: If Fareed Zakaria Could Have Sex With Trump's Missile Strike, He Would

CNN gets shamed on CNN

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There are journalists and there are stenographers for the regime. And they don't like each other much. The journalists make stenographers look bad, and the stenographers, well, they help kill people.

You can see the animosity in this video as CNN speaks to Jeremy Scahill and he goes straight for their dark hearts:

Scahill slamed one CNN host, Fareed Zakaria, and the entire network, and for good measure took aim at a host at a competing network, Brian Williams of MSNBC, as well.

Zakaria -- a huge critic of Trump previously -- hailed the missile attack on Syria last week as the day Trump finally “became President of the United States” and congratulated him for striking a “blow against evil.”

Scahill had choice words for him and called on CNN to immediately purge its network of all retired colonels and generals, spokespeople for Raytheon and the Grim Reaper.

Scahill also reminded everyone of MSNBC's most embarrassing moment of the year (and there have already been many) when their host Brian Williams nearly orgasmed over footage of cruise missiles being lobbed against a Third World country.

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