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Media Says Western Journalist Beaten in Kiev for Pro-Kiev Views

Reportedly by refugees from East Ukraine. Either a lie or it's not safe to be pro-government in Ukraine's capital

This article originally appeared at Seemorerocks

A New Zealand journalist has reportedly been beaten up in Ukraine.

Jared Morgan is in hospital with concussion after being beaten near where he lives in Kiev, according to local media reports.

Morgan said he was attacked by three men who might have been refugees from eastern Ukraine and “disliked his pro-Ukrainian views,” journalist Andre Alexin said on Facebook on Saturday.

Alexin said Morgan would have to spend a couple of weeks in hospital and encouraged people to visit him in the neurosurgery ward.

News website Telekritika said Morgan has lived in Kiev since 2011.

He is a former Southland Times reporter and won the Qantas Media Award for best junior feature writer in 2007.

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