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President of Belarus: COVID Wildly Exaggerated, 'World Is Going Nuts', Keeps Country Operating As Normal, Advises Drinking Vodka

Time to annex surrender-happy Russia to great Belarus? Have the whole thing run from Minsk where there are still some men around.

The only “dictator” in Europe also the only leader not rushing to crack down on his people’s freedoms on (social) media’s whim

Lukashenko asked about coronavirus: “It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”

How refreshing. A leader who will actually lead and isn’t a poodle addicted to kneeling before everything, including a glorified cold.

And how ironic, supposedly “Europe’s last dictator” but when the push comes to shove he’s the only one on the entire continent refusing to take advantage of the hysteria to crack down on his people’s freedoms:

[T]hanks to President Alexander Lukashenko, a man who is sometimes referred to as “Europe’s last dictator,” Belarus is the only European country that is still playing soccer.

With Lukashenko insisting that his country should not “panic” like countries in Western Europe, the Belarusian Premier League’s 2020 season began last Thursday as planned, and games are scheduled to be played this weekend.

Though Lukashenko has advised citizens to observe social distancing protocols, he has also suggested the coronavirus is a “psychosis.”

“The civilized world is going nuts. It is absolute stupidity to close state borders,” Lukashenko said last week. “No one is talking about the virus. In the villages, the tractor will heal everyone. The fields heal everyone.” To help combat COVID-19, Lukashenko has recommended having 40–50 grams of vodka daily, frequenting saunas and farm work.

That’s right, it is a psychosis, and an insane and feeble-minded overreaction.

Recently, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko displayed an iron calm, saying, “The most important thing is not to panic.”

The president of the country, where 86 cases have been identified so far, said that they would not take any precautions against the coronavirus, adding, “it happens.”

Lukashenko stated that everyone who came from abroad was tested, saying: “Two to three people a day have been tested positive for the coronavirus. These people are quarantined for 1.5-2 weeks.”

Displaying iron calm? We need some more of that. Calm and rationality — not emotion, hysteria and hype. The stupid feelings of excitable simpletons can’t take precedent before the freedom of entire peoples. And in Belarus’ case, they’re not allowed to.

Source: Anti-Empire
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