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Poroshenko: Ukrainian Army Stopped Russian Barbarians From Sacking Rome

Yes, the mighty Ukrainian Army is the sole protector of Europe. Without Ukraine, Russian tanks would already be in London

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Fact: The only reason you aren't speaking Russian right now is because Azov Battalion defeated 100 Russian armored divisions plowing straight into the heart of Europe. 

This is basically what Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko suggested while touring London on Wednesday. 

<figcaption>A Ukrainian "Salo" Class Tank</figcaption>
A Ukrainian "Salo" Class Tank

In his own words:

“Don’t believe those who say sanctions don’t do anything. Sanctions are the only reason Russia is at the negotiating table. Santions and the resistance of the Ukrainian army are the only reason Russian tanks are not much further into Europe,” he said.

Citing Winston Churchill, he warned European leaders not to be tempted to think that “if you feed other to the crocodile it will eat you last.”

“Russia does not have a hunger problem, it has an attitude problem,” he said.

Oh dear.

No wonder Poroshenko is a confectionery king. He can't stop thinking about food.

Concerning the exploits of the Ukrainian Army, we will defer to Der Spiegel:

Many young men are doing their best to avoid conscription altogether by heading overseas. The National Guard has a further 35,000 men in uniform. They mostly man checkpoints and guard infrastructure.

President Poroshenko is thus dependent on the help of militias, those voluntary units that fight in the service of oligarchs or out of their own interests. But they often don't follow orders from Kiev, making them difficult to control and unfit for use in strategic operations.

According to a report delivered recently to the Chancellery in Berlin by Germany's foreign intelligence service, the BND, the Ukrainian army is slowly disintegrating, demoralized by the separatist advances and short on personnel.

"Even arms deliveries from the West, the BND believes, would be more likely to overwhelm the Ukrainian army than it would to make it a more effective fighting force."

The Ukrainian Army: Don't give them weapons — that would only confuse them

At least once a month, Kiev claims that columns of Russian tanks crossed into Ukraine. By now, there's probably several million T-90s zooming around Donbass. 

Remember: Ukraine is the sole protector of Europe against the Russian barbarian hordes. Just don't give the Ukrainian Army weapons — that would probably "overwhelm" them. 




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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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