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Population of Russia's Endangered Amur Leopard Doubles in 3 Years

After a 262,000-hectare park was opened in 2012 in Russia's Far East to protect the beast there are now 80 of the animals

VLADIVOSTOK, August 18 (TASS) - The population of the endangered Amur leopard in Russian and China has grown from 35 to 80 cats in three years, a Far Eastern national park’s official told TASS on Tuesday.

"The count of the unique animals has shown that the number of the Amur leopards stood was at least 80 in 2014," Maria Okulova said adding that trail cameras were used to count the rare felines.

In 2012, Russia opened a 262,000-hectare park in the Far East to protect the endangered species, including the Amur leopard.

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