Acclaimed Ukrainian Pianist: Corruption, Extremism Plagues Ukraine

The Ukrainian pianist Valentina Lisitsa is an internationally acclaimed artist. She is also a severe critic of Kiev. In an interview with German Economic News, she describes how millions have disappeared in EU aid money overnight without a trace


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This article originally appeared at German Economic News

The Ukrainian pianist Valentina Lisitsa was born in 1973 in Kiev.

Valentina Lisitsa was born in 1973 in Kiev, is a Ukrainian pianist and currently lives with her husband and son Alexei Kuznetsoff in the US state of North Carolina. Her husband is also a pianist.

Lisitsa is a graduate of the Conservatory in Kiev and stepped on, inter alia, in Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, Benaroya Hall and the Royal Albert Hall. Her online videos reach more than 80 million clicks, and have 163,637 followers.

The Washington Post reports: "Lisitsa has become in many ways a symbol of a new business model for the classical music industry, which has until recently shunned the internet."

The New York Times reported: "There were many comments under brutal woman Lisitsas own videos, which dealt with wrong notes and their imperfections. , You get a thick skin, "she says. But they put up a online for other musicians. Once defended the pianist Mitsuko Uchida ago YouTube commentators who devalue Uchida. "

Lisitsa has sharp political critics in Ukraine. Part of the Euromaidan movement accuses her that she was pro-Russian. During her appearances in the US, there were several protests against the pianist. The demonstrators were composed of diaspora Ukrainians. Their concerts were partially held under police protection. On the website her collaboration with Russia is accused.

In her new album she presents etudes by Chopin and Robert Schumann.

German Economic News: How would you describe the situation of people in Ukraine? What is currently going on in their heads?

Valentina Lisitsa: For this we need to make a historical review of 1991. At that time people looked with hope in the future. They expected prosperity and stability. Furthermore, they had a positive opinion of the West. At that time, found spontaneous instead of "Maidan-like" protests for democracy and freedom. For many Ukrainians, the West was the epitome of paradise. But as of 1993 left many Ukrainians their country because the situation became increasingly unstable. Cause of this instability were corruption and patronage system. The people were just disappointed that there had been no real change. For it remained the same people in power. Only their party affiliation had changed.

But in February 2014, the people went back on the road and there was a second attempt at democratization. However, the situation escalated and date are the "old" new oligarchs in power. Many Ukrainians trust neither the West nor Russia. Do not trust even their own politicians. There is a political vacuum and the people know very well that no one will take care of them. Watch the Ukrainians that there are manipulations on both sides: the pro-Western, but also in the pro-Russian camp.

German Economic News: What is the attitude of Ukraine to Russia?

Valentina Lisitsa: There are more than three million Ukrainians who live and work in Russia. Send money to their families in Ukraine. I'll give you an example. In Kiev Conservatory there was a girl. Her teachers told her that they never will be a good musician, because they do not have the gift to. In fact, the girl was not very talented, but she was motivated. After the Russians had taken the Crimea, drew also there.

In the Crimea she gets as a musician, a salary that is four times as high as in Kiev. My colleagues Conservatory were amazed at the possibilities in the Crimea. Despite the demonization of Russia, it is an economic factor that no one can deny.

German Economic News: What is left of Euromaidan?

Valentina Lisitsa: The Maidan protesters call no longer alone against Putin, but also against President Poroshenko and the government. Before Yatsenyuk Prime Minister of Ukraine was, he sold his eight-year-old Range Rover for more than 122,000 dollars to Pavlo Petrenko, who is the Minister of Justice of Ukraine today. The only problem was that his Range Rover had a value of 15,000 to 20,000 dollars. This is one more way our oligarchs pay bribes. I repeat that this transaction took place before the tenures of both politicians.

German Economic News: Who benefits from war in Ukraine?

Valentina Lisitsa: All pages at all levels. It will benefit as the defense contractors, the EU countries - urging that Video- received by an Putin's hysteria, modernize its existing weapons arsenals. But small government officials in Ukraine earn by answering bribes of Ukrainians who buy himself free from military service.

There are many mercenaries on both sides and the private companies behind these guys make huge profits. You have mercenaries from various nations on both sides. But it is interesting to note that no one in eastern Ukraine, the coal mines and factories of the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov attacks. Akhmetov knows how to come to terms with both sides, so that he does not suffer any economic disadvantage. It supports both sides.

German Economic News: A former commander of the battalion Azov was appointed chief of police in Kiev? How is it possible that a right-wing gets such an important position?

Valentina Lisitsa: There are two aspects. First of all, the Azov Battalion, in fact, a right-wing organization. In the course of the Civil War Azov-members have participated in numerous atrocities. It is no exaggeration when I say that the Azov-members are just as brutal as the IS. They record their atrocities. These are not average Ukrainians. They are indoctrinated and are in the service of the oligarchs.

The second aspect is more complicated. In Ukraine there are the so-called Academy of Personnel Management Dnipropetrovsk (MAUP). This is a private university, apparent from the very many bureaucrats of the Ukrainian State. However, the device is known for anti-Semitism, xenophobia, homophobia and national legal thought. David Duke is a graduate of MAUP Academy and there was also an apprenticeship. Duke is a former member of the US House of Representatives and was as active high-ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan. He is a world-known anti-Semite. MAUP also receives donations from Saudi Arabia.

If you consider the second point, it is not surprising that ex-commander of Azov Vadim Troyan was appointed police chief of Kiev.

German Economic News: How can the economic problems in Ukraine be solved?

Valentina Lisitsa: It is unclear what will happen to the financial aid from the West. I'll give you an example: China wanted to buy wheat from Ukraine and made ​​an upfront payment of $ 1.5 billion. But the Chinese were only 10 percent of the contracted amount. Beijing was obviously angry about this situation. You want to go to court and accuse Kiev.

In addition, Beijing has made an additional advance in the amount of $ 1.5 billion for infrastructure projects in Ukraine. Not a single project was implemented by the Kiev government. No one knows where the billions are executed flowed. In addition, the wheat that was transported to China, comes from the food rations of the army. Now prevails in many regions of the Ukraine a food shortage.

I'll give you another example. Yatsenyuk wanted to build a wall between Ukraine and Russia. The EU has paid millions of euros in the Ukraine for the purpose of border security.

According to official reports on Form 10 million dollars is literally disappeared overnight from these payments. Again, no one knows where the money is flowing executed.

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