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The West's Ignorance of Ukraine Atrocities is an Outrage

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Today's comment from the Saker is very timely, as we published a sensational video earlier today about the western media's ignorance of events surrounding the Odessa massacre of May 2.  

Its going to be a big deal.

The increasing news flow about the extreme brutality of the Kiev regime and the massive neo-nazi presence in its ranks, is snowballing, and, we are sure, will end up being a huge embarrassment for the EU States and the US who have embraced Kiev.  

This is especially true for Germany, which is hyper-sensitive to nazi questions.

Listen to the Saker, we couldn't have said it better ourselves:

Today, buried 9 minutes into the latest edition of the Channel 1 news report on Russian television, was a 23 seconds long statement by Latvian Human Rights investigator Enorst Gronych who declared on camera that he has interviewed the people of a village recently evacuated by the Junta's repression forces who had told him about "repeated cases of gang rapes of minor girls aged 12, 13 and 14 years old" by Ukrainian thugs.

According to Gronych, this kind of pattern falls within the definition of "genocide".

In fact, the Russian TV channels have also been reporting mass graves, numerous cases of civilians pulled out of their cars and summarily shot, mass graves of people shot with their hands tied behind their backs and tortures, tortures and more tortures: systematic beatings, branding with swastikas, knife wounds, broken bones, head trauma, damaged kidneys are all apparently what any detained person (regardless of the reason for their detention) should expect from the Junta's "liberators".

Furthermore, it is now becoming apparent that about 50% of the Novorussian "prisoners of war" who are being exchanged for Ukrainian POWs under the terms of the recent cease-fire agreement are not combatants at all but civilians seized for the sole purpose of exchanging them. 

It is not hard to imagine what truly happened to the missing 50%: most of them were tortured and shot by drunken Ukrainian thugs (in stark contrast, Ukrainian POWs were treated, washed, fed, clothed and then given the choice to stay in Russia or go back to the Ukraine).

For anybody familiar with Ukrainian nationalism and Ukrainian nationalists, this is hardly surprising.  Not only is that fully consistent with what happens in the rest of the Junta-controlled Ukraine, it is also consistent with the practice of Ukrainian nationalists of the times of Bandera and before. 

No, what is amazing is the utter silence in the West about this.  For somebody like me who vividly remembers the loud and indignant protests of western human rights NGOs, media and governments over human rights violations in Chechnia, Bosnia or Kosovo (including plenty of completely fictional ones!), it is amazing to see how "for some mysterious reason" the Ukrainian atrocities seem to go unnoticed in the West. 

The very same West who is absolutely outraged about the arrest of Pussy Riot activists, and who seems to seriously believe that organizing a "gay pride parade' in Moscow is a human right, is apparently totally indifferent to the gang rape of 12-14-year-old girls.

What does this say about the West, its values, it's leaders, its media and its people?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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