Touching: A Russian Grandma Advises Obama Not to Go to War (Viral Video)

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FROM THE ARCHIVES:  originally published September 27, 2014.

The Russian Babushka - the glue of Russian society

This video is wildly popular on the Russian internet.

A Russian babushka (grandma), gives Obama advice, in rhyme!, in the best Russian tradition.  

She calls him Obamashka, an affectionate rendering of his name in Russian.

She offers to pray for him, to cook him blinis (pancakes), to take him to church to meet her priest so that they can all pray for America together, and advises against cozying up to Nazis, explaining that this always ends up badly.

She explains that Crimea is Russian, and always fought on Russia's side.

Finally she urges him to make friends with Volodya (affectionate name for Vladimir), and wishes him well.

We are Russia experts, and we can assure you, there is no force on earth that can withstand the charm and goodness of the Russian babushka.

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