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Another Region where Ukraine Fears Secession (Budjak)

Ukrainian pro-Kiev analyst fears the "virus of separatism" will spread to another region of Ukraine

Budjak is Ukraine's southernmost region, part of the Odessa Oblast.

Historicaly it switched hands between Turks, Romanians and Russians.

It is home to an ethnically mixed population of Ukrainians, Russians (many are Old Believers), Bulgarians, Moldovans (Romanians) and Gaugaz (a small Christian Turkic people).

The article below is a summary of a 3,000 words-long analysis that was published on the Ukrainian regional news portal

This article originally appeared at, a Gaugaz news portal. It was translated by Kristina Rus at Fort Russ

In the event of independence of Gagauzia, separatist tendencies in Gagauz villages of Odessa region will be aggravated, said Ukrainian political analyst Oleg Posternak.

According to the expert, the southern part of Odessa region has a "nationally-colorful composition of the population, and the vast majority due to various circumstances is influenced by Russian Federal TV channels."

In his article, published by the the author also argues that the Bessarabian region through the efforts of the Ukrainian government was always presented as a conglomerate of living in peace and harmony various nationalities, but it is not Ukrainian in terms of values, social and civil factors".

Geographically it is barely adjoined to Ukraine

Posternak believes that Ukrainians, Russians, Bulgarians and Gagauz living in the region do not have sufficient patriotism, and "tend to justify the actions of Vladimir Putin".

Ethnically it's a mosaic

According to the analyst, the Gagauz population of Bessarabia is also subject to the emergence of separatist movements due to the proximity of the Gagauz Autonomy in the South of the Republic of Moldova.

"Gagauz are the Orthodox turkic-speaking people of the region, the total number of which is about 27 thousand people.

Historically and mentally gravitate towards Turkey and the Autonomous Gagauzia within Moldova.

In case of a declaration of independence of Gagauzia there is a risk of separatist fermentation in the Gagauz areas of the Ukrainian Danube Delta", - said Oleg Posternak.

"Thus, the local population of the South of Odessa region in the case of a spread of the virus of separatism will either take objectively neutral positions, or even sympathize with the enemies of the unity of the country", - says the author in the article.

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