Ukraine's Nuke Plants are a Huge War Risk No One Has Mentioned Yet

  • If they come under fire a disaster could follow
  • Unexploded shells are everywhere
  • Sabotage also a risk
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This is interesting.  It comes from German Economic News, a popular German general news site which we find to be a very valuable source of information about Russia.  

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine. There was an incident which nobody knows exactly what he is due.

It is just about the only widely-read daily German news source that provides a truthful take on Russia-related news, one of the things driving the high popularity of the site.

Apologies for the awkward translation, it comes courtesy of GoogleTranslate.  Here's a link to the original (in German).

In Ukraine there are four nuclear power plants with 15 reactor blocks. These are available in Khmelnytsky, Rivne, Zaporizhia and Mykolaiv.

But it is mostly old buildings from the Soviet era that are not adequately protected. The nuclear power plant Zaporozhye is about 200 kilometers away from the combat zone in Donetsk. Precautions for prevention of sabotage acts against nuclear facilities do not exist.

The head of the Ukrainian Nuclear Sergei Boschko, said the WDR :

"Our modern AKW the WWR 320 series are secured against the crash of small aircraft to about ten tons. But even for a Boeing 737 with around 60 tonnes of course that is not sufficient (...) This nuclear power plants are not designed for war but for peace. "

Both the Ukrainian troops and the pro-Russian separatists use heavy weapons. It is possible that it comes in the wake of the fighting attacks against nuclear reactors. But even mistakenly fired missiles could cause great harm.

No nuclear power plant in the world is protected against a missile strike. There is no practical experience as a nuclear disaster can be prevented in such a case.

Even at Fukushima has shown that the operators of nuclear power plants are usually hopelessly overwhelmed when it comes to the effective mitigation in an emergency is. To date, the situation of ruin in Fukushima is unclear.

In May, a group of armed men tried to enter the nuclear power plant Zaporozhye. But the local security forces were the group of this project dissuaded reported energy future .

In DLF energy-editor of the station said on Wednesday that the risk in the Ukrainian reactors is enormous and recommended a cut-off - not least because of the fighting. The transmitter is not commonly known as panic with regard to nuclear power.

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