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Watch Resistance Fighters Train in East Ukraine (Graham Phillips)

The inimitable Graham Phillips in another gonzo report from the front lines. Real life reporting.

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This report written by Johnny Ozanne

Here's an interesting vignette:  Youtube phenomenon Graham Phillips hanging out with Resistance fighters in East Ukraine during their training drills.  Makes you realize that the war there is very real.

<figcaption>"When the going gets weird, the weird go pro." - Hunter S. Thompson</figcaption>
"When the going gets weird, the weird go pro." - Hunter S. Thompson

If you haven't heard about Phillips, an independent blogger from the UK, its a great story.

His Youtube channel has an astonishing 16 million views, 10 million of which are from the last 5 months.

A gonzo journalist who ranks with the best of them

He's built a huge following by frenetically rushing around the war zones of East Ukraine, often in serious danger to his life, putting up 10-20 short videos a day about everything and anything he thinks is interesting, while narrating it all in his own original, and we think, endearing, style.

Buzzfeed wrote an interesting profile on him in May, here are some quotes:

"He seems unaware — either through gleeful disregard or rookie ignorance — of basic journalistic ethics, objectivity, or production values. He acts as if he has no concerns for his own personal safety, running across fields toward Ukrainian army installations, interviewing rebels as bullets fly overhead, and baiting militia manning rebel checkpoints."

“My father always said to me as a boy, ‘You go too far, Graham,’” ... “And I know that I do, and I always try again to get away with it, and I feel like I have this self-destruction: I always want to be just pushing, and then I have to make a call sometime — do you backtrack or do you stick it out?”

Phillips puts up so much stuff, its hard to keep track.  We'll do our best to share some clips we find interesting.

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