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The Demonization of RT

Western media finds creative ways to vilify alternative views

This article originally appeared at Grey Falcon

Since last November, I have made so many appearances on RT, I've had people ask me if I work for them.

<figcaption>RT host Peter Lavelle is a regular target of the open-minded Western press</figcaption>
RT host Peter Lavelle is a regular target of the open-minded Western press

I wish! In actuality, I am a guest commentator, who just happens to get re-invited a ton. Maybe because I am right more often than not? Certainly not because I'm telegenic... 

On Tuesday I was a guest on the episode of CrossTalk about the elections in the Ukraine, which  aired today. Three days prior, I chimed in about V. V. Putin's remarks at the Valdai Club forum in Sochi. He identified the Empire-possessed U.S. (and its EU appendage) as the source of instability, violence and chaos in the world. I've said as much myself back in February, so it's no wonder I concur. 

The Anglosphere media, predictably, did not. For example, the  Guardian's obnoxious (and clueless) Shaun Walker described Putin's remarks as "railing" against the West. Good thing the full transcript of the remarks (in English too) is available via the alternate media. 

But something in Walker's piece particularly rankled: 

Putin did not face many tough questions from the assembled audience. Peter Lavelle, a presenter on the Kremlin’s Russia Today television channel took the opportunity to tell the president that he is “the most popular man in modern history” and in much of the world is “looked upon as a saviour of sorts”.

I've  addressed here before the whole "RT is Kremlin propaganda" nonsense. Walker is simply trying to disqualify RT and Lavelle with a drive-by  ad hominem. Worse, though, in this passage he is lying by omission: Lavelle did say the words quoted above, but as part of a question about the Western media's demonization of Putin. Watch and listen for yourselves. Putin's reply, too, for good measure. 

Now tell me again why you or anyone else ought to think the Western media is fair, objective, accurate and decent, while "Kremlin's Russia Today" is nothing but evil lies and propaganda.


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