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Paris-Berlin-Moscow Alliance Is Still on the Cards

And probably way likelier than a Beijing-Moscow-Berlin partnership

This article originally appeared at Deep Resource

Pepe Escobar has long been looking for ways how to get rid of the ‘empire of chaos’. Until recently he thought Beijing-Moscow-Berlin was the answer and that such an alliance could be developed hand in hand with the ambitious Chinese Eurasian traffic corridor policy of the ‘New Silk Road‘, leaving the oceans to the US and instead Germany, Russia and China should concentrate on inner-Eurasian trade:

<figcaption>Germany and France have their own interests in Russia , and they are not going to sacrifice them for the sake of the interests of Washington</figcaption>
Germany and France have their own interests in Russia , and they are not going to sacrifice them for the sake of the interests of Washington

Russia, China mock divide and rule:

A case can be made that the geopolitical shift towards Russia-China integration is arguably the greatest strategic maneuver of the last 100 years. Xi’s ultimate master plan is unambiguous: a Russia-China-Germany trade/commerce alliance. German business/industry wants it badly, although German politicians still haven’t got the message.

Go west, young Han:

One day, Germany may lead parts of Europe away from NATO’s “logic”, since German business leaders and industrialists have an eye on their potentially lucrative commercial future in a new Eurasia. Strange as it might seem amid today’s war of words over Ukraine, the endgame could still prove to involve a Berlin-Moscow-Beijing alliance.

Europe could change Russia , and Russia is able to change Europe.

Now he seems to have second thoughts:

From Minsk to Brussels, it’s all about Germany:

Sooner or later European politicians will have to wake up and smell the coffee; the notion of a German-French-Russian pan-European peace/trade partnership is way more popular than reflected in failed corporate media.

James Howard Kunster is an American-centric thinker with negative attitudes towards his own homeland. He recently spend some time in Europe, Stockholm/Sweden to be precise and was pleasantly surprised with what he saw.

All Twerked Out:

It is heartening, finally, to see Europe attempt to creep away from the intrigues of our Klown Konfederacy at least in the current matter of Ukraine, that poor perpetually over-trodden land of potato-eaters lately torn asunder by America’s idiotic wish to wrest it away from Russia’s 1000-year sphere of influence.

Merkel and Hollande stole over to Moscow last week to confab with Mr. Putin. They evidently omitted to inform the haircut-in-search-of-a-brain, Secretary of State John Kerry. Who would want that mule-faced ninny at the table? 

The Europeans are beginning to say some sane and arresting things, such as: Russia and Europe are part of the same civilization
 — note the implication that perhaps America is not so much in that club anymore…

One thing is clearing up: Europe does not want or need to start a war with Russia at America’s insistence.

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