Money Ukraine Gets from EU Taxpayers Goes Straight to Gazprom

Ukraine is now a problem for the EU

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We threw this article into Google Translate. It originally appeared at German Economic News

The EU will end up paying Ukraine's gas bills

Ukraine paid nearly 400 million dollars to the Russian state-owned Gazprom. Ukraine is short and liquid after 500 million euros on Wednesday has arrived in the form of a loan from the EU taxpayers in Kiev. With payment to Russia However, money is already as good as gone.

Ukraine has made ​​free with the payment of an amount million to Russia the way for the first gas deliveries since imposed by Moscow in the summer delivery stop. The Ukrainian government Naftogaz said on Friday in Kiev to have paid $ 378 million to the Russian Gazprom.

The transfer came after the EU Ukraine had paid another 500 million euros of European taxpayers' money on Wednesday. Earlier, the formation of a government - under other things, a US investment banker as finance minister - made ​​for the EU the way to pay additional funds to Ukraine.

Naftogaz did not specify what amount of gas was purchased for that sum. According to earlier information provided by the Ukrainian Ministry of Economy it is about one billion cubic meters.

After the compromise in the gas dispute, the first gas to flow at least 48 hours of receipt of advance payment. In Ukraine prevail cold winter temperatures. Since the beginning of the heating season in early October, the gas reserves have shrunk considerably.

Ukraine is virtually bankrupt. The current must be throttled so that the country takes over the winter. A precise accountability for the use of EU taxpayers' money is not required.

Russian President Putin must have calculated on this development: the Ukraine is now a problem for the EU.

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