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7 Big Recent Russian Energy Deals with China


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Russia and China are strengthening their strategic partnership in every field.  

Here we summarise the big 7 energy deals they have already agreed. There are rumours of another big gas deal in the pipeline.

<figcaption>Watch out Europe, or there won't be much left for you</figcaption>
Watch out Europe, or there won't be much left for you

1. In 2013, Rosneft signed a 25 year deal to export $270 billion worth of oil to China. As part of the deal Rosneft is receiving up to $80 billion upfront. 

2. A minimum $400 billion gas pipeline deal for 30 years was signed in May 2014. The deal will add a minimum of 0.4% to GDP growth for every year from 2015 onwards. 

3. China and Novatek signed a separate 20 year LNG deal in May 2014. 

4. Rosneft is selling 10% of its Vankor oilfield to China. The move is part of a bigger and unprecedented move to allow China to be the exclusive co-investor in mature, conventional and strategic oil and gas deposits.

5. Chinese corporation PowerChina announced in June 2014 that they are investing $4 to $5 billion in a hydro-electricity joint-venture with Rushydro 

6. China and Russia agreed in April 2014 to develop and co-invest in nuclear energy

7. Russia's Rostec and China's Shenhua group signed a $10 billion deal to invest in coal development in September 2014.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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