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YOLO Lavrov: Maybe Putin and Trump Had Top Secret Meeting in the Bathroom?

Russia's Foreign Minister is not impressed by your conspiracy theories

Headlines ripped across social media - 'the Russians admit that Trump and Putin may have met more than 3 times' - sparking an instant 'I told you so' from the 'left' proving the conspiracy of collusion is correct. However, we note that the source of this new story, Russian Foreign Minister Sergie Lavrov, compared these conversations to "children mingling at a kindergarten," making fun of an NBC reporter, adding "maybe they met in the toilet?"

"When you are bought by your parents to a kindergarten do you mix with the people who are waiting in the same room to start going to a classroom?

<figcaption>The one and only.</figcaption>
The one and only.


I remember when I was in that position I did spend five or ten minutes in the kindergarten before they brought us to the classroom.”

As a reminder, while the White House didn't use this analogy to explain press reports of a second, undisclosed Trump-Putin conversation at the G20 meeting in early July, it fits.

"There was no 'second meeting' between President Trump and President Putin, just a brief conversation at the end of a dinner.  


The insinuation that the White House has tried to 'hide' a second meeting is false, malicious and absurd," a White House Official said.

And now it seems Lavrov is piling on to Western media's constant efforts to paint the relationship one way, adding:

“They might have met even much more than just three times,”


After the dinner was over…I was not there…President Trump apparently went to pick up his wife and spent some minutes with President Putin…so what?” Lavrov said.

Watch the clip and you decide if this is 'breaking news' of a new proof of collusion or Lavrov exposing the media's bias once again...

Source: Zerohedge

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