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Yanukovich Planning Return to Ukraine to Establish Constitutional Order

The removal of President Yanukovich was illegal and unconstitutional, as has been every subsequent act by the rump Ukrainian parliament - including the election of Poroshenko

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a prominent politician and former member of the Ukrainian Parliament. In 2014 he ran for the presidency but was forced by nationalist extremists to withdraw his candidacy. Currently he leads Novorossiya, a movement that fosters links between the LNR, the DNR and Russia.

Victor Yanukovich plans to return to the country, according to his lawyer Vitaly Serdyuk, in an interview with the internet portal Glavkom.

 “He is planning to return to the Ukraine and will take legal steps to make this happen. Yanukovich never resigned from the presidency. His removal is illegitimate. This procedure must be executed not by impeachment but on the order of the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukraine”, said the lawyer. 

And he is right. According to the Constitution of the Ukraine, the laws executed after the Maidan coup, are illegal. The presidential election of Poroshenko is also illegal, since the electoral law and corresponding documents were never signed by Yanukovich. For the same reason, the Cabinet and the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) are also illegal. Yanukovich did not sign any appointments, such as leaders of regional and district administrations, ambassadors, etc. The whole power structure in the Ukraine is illegitimate. Yatsenyuk cannot legally make payments on credits he obtained because his signature on these documents is illegal.

Do the current Ukrainian authorities understand that they are illegitimate and that the situation may have to get back to a legitimate course, in one of two ways: either the organizers of the Maidan are arrested and convicted and a returning Yanukovich gathers together the surviving members of the old Verkhovna Rada and they call a new election; or if Yanukovich dies.  But even if he dies, everything that was voted is still illegitimate.

Did the leaders of the Maidan realize that these things could happen? Of course they did. I can doubt many things Yanukovich said or that were said about him, but I’m sure that it was clear for everyone that only his death could unravel the tangle of legal contradictions that would arise if a coup were carried out in the Ukraine.

Personally, I think that sooner or later the organizers of the Maidan and the war in the Donbass will be convicted, and Yanukovich could return to the Ukraine and call presidential and parliamentary elections. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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