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Wingnut UK Foreign Minister Backed 'Brexit', Blames Putin for It

Boris Johnson is participating in a fear-mongering campaign demonizing Russia as a threat to democracy across the US and Europe - yet he backed the same UK independence movement Russia's now accused of benefiting from 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Amazing revelations of Russian villany are coming from the UK foreign office. 

While the world has for the past several weeks been obsessed by the latest fake news reports about Russia supposedly hacking into the DNC and John Podesta's email, and Donald Trump's secret orgies with Russian prostitutes in Moscow, politicians on the other side of the pond have begun feeling left out and envious. 

<figcaption>Bumbling Boris</figcaption>
Bumbling Boris

So Boris Johnson, the bumbling British foreign secretary famous for his gaffes, has let the whole world know he now wants in on the blame game, according to

The Russian Embassy in London has issued a statement today accusing British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and the rest of the Foreign Office of preparing a “witch-hunt against Moscow” as part of growing allegations across Western Europe and North America that Russia is trying to undermine their elections, and is driving populism.

The Russian statement itself followed comments from Johnson, who claimed that Russia “has been up to all sorts of tricks.” Johnson also told the House of Commons that “it is clear they are up to no good” and blamed them for hacking in the US election.

Johnson was known as a maverick and considered anti-establishment while mayor of London, but since being named Foreign Minister by PM Theresa May has adopted hawkish and Russophobic establishment positions.

In particular, Johnson was a vocal supporter of Britain's leaving the EU, but now plays a willing role in British government and mainstream media propaganda accusing Russia of backing and benefiting from the Brexit campaign:

Ironically, the narrative surrounding Russia’s “fueling populism” worldwide also blames Russia for the Brexit campaign, which Boris Johnson himself was a major leader in. Despite this, Johnson appears more than willing to accept the anti-Russia story as “clear.”

The question is how Vladimir Putin managed to hack the earlier pro-Brexit Boris Johnson's mouth. Maybe Moscow had incriminating photos of Boris with a decent haircut?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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