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In Conflict With the West, Time Is On Russia's Side

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

In the struggle against the neocon drive for global hegemony, it has been said that time is on Russia’s side.  

Here are some of the reasons why this is true, and this applies to China and Iran too:

  •  The BRICS alternative bank wire system needs time for widespread adoption.
  •  Russia and China have a next generation of fighters, submarines and missiles are coming into the field from 2016-2020. The American technology advantage is bleeding away.
  •  The Chinese navy is growing, including its first carrier group. India has also ordered a carrier. The more BRICS countries have the ability to project air and naval power, the less advantage the NWO has.
  •  Saudi Arabia is unstable and may disintegrate. Yemeni Houthis have taken shiite-majority Arabian territory around Najran. Saudi Arabia is the lynchpin of the Petrodollar. If the Kingdom falls, the likelihood of replacing the Dollar as the money in which oil is traded becomes almost certain.
  • The USA's debt clock is getting pretty close to midnight. Soon it will be impossible for the USA to service their public debt. Weakening of the Dollar weakens the NWO ability to project power.
  •  Ukraine's junta is disintegrating. The IMF is unwilling to loan Ukraine more money. Ukraine as a country may soon implode.
  • Every year that passes, Russia is converting oil into gold. China and India are also stockpiling gold. The USA and Euro powers that trusted their gold to the FED will soon discover it was all leased/sold into the market to depress the gold price. If the world shifts to using gold to pay for oil, the USA empire will be finished, and Russia, China and India will be holding almost all the gold.
<figcaption>He's running out the clock</figcaption>
He's running out the clock

These factors can be summarized as three major trends:

1. The replacement of the US Dollar as the currency of oil trade and national currency reserves portends the end of the US empire.

2. The national debts of the USA and EU countries have grown so large that an economic crisis is likely to cripple them.

3. Gold is the deadliest weapon against the US Dollar hegemony. 

These are the reasons that the longer that Russia, Iran and China can delay a direct military confrontation with the USA/NWO powers, the more the advantage moves to their favor.

Time is indeed on Russia’s side.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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