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Why the Silence on MH17?


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Common sense dictates who is responsible for shooting MH17 out of the sky over a conflict zone in Ukraine.  

Common sense says it was the Ukrainian military or Ukrainian extremist militias waging war in east Ukraine on Kiev's behalf.

However that is a truth no one wants to discuss.

The US says MH17 was shot down from inside Ukraine.  That appears to rule Russia out.  

MH17 was shot down by an aircraft or a surface to air missile.  The rebels have no aircraft.  There is no convincing evidence the rebels have surface to air missiles capable of shooting down aircraft at the altitude MH17 was flying.  Ukrainian intelligence has produced photos culled from social media it says show such surface to air missiles in rebel hands.  That sort of evidence is worthless since it is so easy to fake.  If the rebels had neither the aircraft nor the missiles then they cannot have shot MH17 down. 

By contrast there is absolutely no doubt the Ukrainian military had both the aircraft and the missiles available to shoot MH17 down.

Common sense says Washington knows most of the story and knows who is responsible. 

Common sense says Moscow knows the truth too, though it is very careful when making the truth known to the public.

Common sense says the floundering regime of Petro Poroshenko in Kiev knows the truth as well.

So, why is there a conspiracy of silence?  The reason is that the western media is stonewalling.

Western mainstream media went into one of its most sensualist modes of hysteria on record when MH17 was reported lost and destroyed. Without facts or evidence Russia was instantly blamed for the tragedy.

Within days Russia provided the world with its interpretation of how MH17 and its passengers were shot down (though it was careful to avoid apportioning blame). Russia also provided a host of intelligence material including satellite imagery.  The west and its media took little notice. The US has refused to do the same. 

That should surprise no one. The west and its media simply are not interested in truth or facts.  Spin and manipulating the narrative are their objectives.

Why all the silence since the tragedy?  

There is no evidence that the Kiev regime was directly behind the downing of the plane. However, there is a mountain of evidence the Kiev regime has not been in control of its military and the extremist militias in much of the country. Washington and Moscow both know this. Both most probably have evidence of this.

However for Washington the truth is an embarrassment. Its plans for regime change in Ukraine have been an utter disaster. Admitting the truth would compound that disaster exposing the criminal behaviour of its Ukrainian proxies and their inability to control their own forces.

It's the same for Poroshenko.  He isn’t in control and will fade into post-Soviet history like others who trust the west. It is only a matter of time.

As for Moscow, well let’s apply a western, even American, standard: Innocent until proven guilty. There is no evidence, thus no guilt. A competent judge in the west would throw out any case against Russia due to the lack of evidence.

Unfortunately western politics and media don’t work that way. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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