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Why 'Rubber Stamp' Obama Is absent from Minsk Peace Talks

US policies on Ukraine/Russia today mimic US policies on Afghanistan/USSR in the 1970s and 80s. No wonder since they're set by the same Washington buerocracies, lobbyists and think thanks permeated by Cold War thinking and personified by the likes of Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Robert Gates

Today in Minsk the so-called Normandy Four will meet to try and create a successful peace initiative for Ukraine.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with the leaders of France, Germany, and Ukraine later today we’re certain to see some old school Cold War trickery played out. 

Western think tanks and strategists’ ideas will engage, with their counterparts at the Kremlin for sure. Here’s some background most are not aware of.

People in the western world generally believe American President Barack Obama’s PR. Somehow Americans buy into the concept the United States still has a bipartisan political environment, multiple parties and candidates hammering out the democratic or republic view, and that US foreign relations of the 21st century is progressiveness. And this is precisely where this world, and maybe even Vladimir Putin, were tricked in a replay of 1960s conniving.

Barack Obama probably has less to do with the real strategies and détente of America than any president in history. Those among you who sheepishly characterize this president as a “puppet,” you’re probably more right than you can possibly know. Obama, like the three presidents before him, is a product of the larger cadre of dramatists and lobbyists in Washington.

We all instinctively know politicians are liars and “yes men,” but with World War III, a new form or religious crusading, and economic calamity on our plate this time, what happens over Ukraine and west-east relations today rockets (not Putin’s missile either) to paramount importance. Without going into a dialogue on political science, let me show you who will really be meeting with Mr. Putin in Minsk today.

In Belarus this morning we’ll be witnessing longstanding Cold War strategies engaging with a misfortunate Russia’s “new agenda” for globalization. Those dinosaurs of détente we’d thought were simply put away in moth balls, they have not just recently been pulled off the shelf to “advise” leadership.

The Henry Kissingers and Zbigniew Brzezinskis of the world, they’ve been advising Washington all along, and since about the time JFK was assassinated in Dallas, their type of thoughtful machnitions have been cripplingly expensive for humanity, but that’s another story.

Today in Minsk, we’ll be watching a real spy spoof, instead of a Disney film starring Angela Merkel, Mr. Hollande, a chocolate king, and with an Obama emissary waiting in the wings? Examining the “west side” of the chat in Minsk, let’s see who’s really been involved, shall we?

Belarus capital
Belarus capital

On Monday RT’s In the Now, with Anissa Naouai, ran a piece about the Economist editor, one Edward Lucas and his standing up in Munich to bash RT journalists. In an unprecedented public display of unprofessionalism, the Economist’s expert really tried to put the professional hurt to anyone who would work with RT.

I was supposed to be on that program, to offer the dissenting view you’ll read now, but funny things went on at the TV studio here in Trier, Germany, so I was unable to take my guest slot then. Let me the reader in on just “who” this journalist is, and how he and his cronies play into today’s events.

Edward Lucas is a Putin hater extraordinary. But this is secondary to his part in a cohort of war hawks and national security “spooks” he’s associated with through organizations like the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), where he is a fellow.

Not many of you will have heard of this Washington non-profit, but suffice it to say Obama and the rest of the Washington strategic and intelligence community do. Some of you may recall of late, former National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter Zbigniew Brzezinski in news. 

Well, he’s on the advisory board at CEPA along with a cadre of other names that pop up when foreign relations issues arise. CEPA, like most Washington think tanks, is populated by this old guard, and infused with new blood, with intentions on expanding Cold War ideals in the world. Just as an indication, let me quote directly from one of CEPA’s programs, a policy initiative called Eastern Lights, the goal of which is:

“Promoting democratic reform, economic opportunity and political transformation in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.”

Now if we consider policy experts from the Cold War era influencing the current administration, then the “democratic reform” CEPA instigates is clarified in the Maidan-Ukraine affair. In essence, Washington’s policies toward Europe, the world, and particularly Russia, they never changed a smidgen in the last 60 years. To further amplify this, let me continue.

While younger generations may classify people like Henry Kissinger and Brzezinski as blowhard old farts nobody listens to, their continual appearances before such as the Senate Armed Sevices Committee attests to their continual involvement in US policy. The same power brokers who ran Washington in the days of LBJ and Nixon, those who are still left alive, are running the show today, and for the same people.

This thesis (PDF) I found authored by John Bernell White, Jr. from at Louisiana State University, it outlines a telling cohesion in between the polices world of 1979 and today in Ukraine. “The Strategic Mind of Zbigniew Brzezinski: How a Native Pole Used Afghanistan to Protect his Homeland,” it’s eerily contextual this morning in Minsk. In particular, the section that deals with the Carter White House’s entrapment of the then USSR in Afghanistan, it foretells of current Washington tricks, and much more.

Mr. White uses formerly classified documents from both Brzezinski and then NSA counterpart Robert Gates, to explain how former President Carter’s administration played the strategy and espionage game with the Soviet Union over Afghanistan. White surmises, aptly in my view, that the National Security establishment under Brzezinski, “tricked” the USSR into invading Afghanistan to, in the words of Gates, bog the Soviets down into their own “Vietnamese quagmire.”

Read the thesis yourself, do the homework, and you’ll discover the US arming the Mujahideen resistance fighters in Afghanistan is exactly the situation that exists in Urkaine, only in reverse. In Ukraine the resistance, they are the freedom fighters in the east. Right here, it’s pretty clear, I’ve touched on more than seeming speculation. But let me continue, it gets “better” – meatier.

I’ve mentioned Brzezinski’s association with CEPA, the loud mouth Edward Lewis, and with another security advisor Robert Gates. Not many reading this will have made the association, but Robert Gates has been in the thick of Washington strategy formulation and action since the early 70s.

Gates, after his stent in the Carter administration, went on to serve as director of the CIA under George H.W. Bush, and then as secretary of defense under presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, as well.

The astute reader should be gob smacked to learn how a protégé of the most vehement anti Russian strategist of the last century, would end up telling Barack Obama. Learning how Vladimir Putin was probably back stabbed by these people, it’s safe to say the world was “tricked” out of a potential long-lasting peace.

That’s right, I said it, and there’s no way for these arrogant book authors to deny what they themselves wrote down long ago,  the arrogant bragging of these old Soviet haters. CNN to Fox and the BBC the sold out media condemn Vladimir Putin for having served in the KGB, when all along America (and Europe by proxy) has been run by spooks from Langley and think tanks underneath the Washington monument. More on Gates can be found coming from the horse’s mouth in his endeavor in narcissism, Robert M. Gates, “From the Shadows: The Ultimate Insider’s Story of Five Presidents and How They Won the Cold War” (Simon & Schuster, 1996)

So, here we are in a “weapons” debacle in the world again. Obama is threatening to send more big guns to Ukraine. There’s evidence the administration may have armed ISIL from the their onset.

Then, America spurring the Arab Spring uprisings all across North Africa and in the Middle East, it’s the slipperiest of slopes. Yemen to Afghanistan and back, the US military industrial complex has profited by tens of trillions over the last 40 years, nobody can deny this.

The fact these machinations have been more so prevalent in the last 14, since 9/11, this is most disturbing if peace were ever an American goal. CEPA, The Brookings Institute, and two dozen other organizations lined up to create the western and NATO strategies, the rumor of a US hegemony is an incessant reality now. 

This “dominance game,” it’s abundantly clear the same players have a hand in it, and today’s Ukraine talks are probably a trick of one kind or another – this is, after all, the nasty game they have admitted playing.

One can only have faith, Vladimir Putin is smarter than his USSR predecessors. Most, believe that he is. So to sum up here, don’t take my word for it that Minsk is going to be some kind of carnival of mean little spy kids.

The goal is a spooky trickery session where the old western elite get to wring their greedy hands in victory one last time, but you do the research yourself. The arrogant and powerful today, they’re not so concerned as to whether or not you discover them. Not any more. 

As for Mr. Putin and the Kremlin minds with him, I’d suggest you not worry too much there. Putin has played this game better than any previous to him. I only feel regret that his one weakness put him at the disadvantage today.

You see the think tank nasties in my country, they could care less about the American people. America being, all about money and profit, and not a lot else these days, this is where the Brzezinski’s and Obamas have their advantage.

Putin’s one weak spot is, he really does care for and serve the Russian people. They knew this, why do you think they removed Russian as an official language of Ukraine? It was a brilliant and predictable move, but an evil one, you must see. They’ve underestimated once again though, a resilient and very tough people.

Now let’s see if I am right or wrong, we’ll see today if All the President’s Men get a last hurrah before they meet their maker. 

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