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Why Is the Threat of Nuclear War Not Being Mentioned?

The author is President of the Center for Citizen Initiatives (CCI) and a prominent US citizen diplomat

Friends, the possibility/probability of Nuclear War is hardly mentioned in the U.S. today. WHY?

NATO and Russian bombers are in Syria’s airspaces daily. Seems to me this is a disaster waiting to happen. The rhetoric between the U.S. and Russia has never been more acrimonious. Nuclear spokespersons; William Perry, George Schultz, Thomas Pickering, Governor Jerry Brown, Ira Helfand from PSR and many others tell us that the relationship between Washington/NATO and Russia has never been closer to nuclear war than today.

Yet Nuclear War is the “unmentioned” elephant in the room across America! Somehow our presidential candidates avoid it completely. Our TV and print media seldom mention it. Many Americans go about their high-end life styles as though the latter will continue indefinitely. What kind of “cloud of denial” are we living under––and again, “ WHY”?

Russian leaders are warning about the potential for a nuclear war at international conferences and media––why do American leaders act as though it’s a non-existent issue?

Watch the Vimeo produced by the the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists as the men mentioned above and others openly discuss where we are TODAY with regard to this issue.

If a sufficient number of American citizens coalesce to create a “public awareness effort,” we could make it the top issue throughout the U.S. This happened in 1983, when citizens took the wind out of the military’s war sails before officials understood what was going on!

I urge you to educate yourself on this topic. Please visit the current issue of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

A very concerned Sharon

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