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Why the Left Is Freaking Out Over the Helsinki Summit

"It’s not a shift in American policy they care about, because they don’t really care about America at all. For all their talk about patriotic defense of America, what they really care about is protecting the globalist system."

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Four days later and the liberal establishment is still freaking out about Monday’s Trump/Putin summit in Helsinki. The press went absolutely insane over Trump’s diplomacy, calling him a Russia agent and many saying that he committed treason by meeting with the Russian president.

Even Congress members went so far as to call the improvement of relations with Russia “treason.” Rep. Adam Smith said that it is hard to see the meeting as “anything other than treason.” Rep. Steve Cohen made a tweet that sounded dangerously close to a call for military action against the president:

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer became the highest ranking Democrat to call it treason when he said, “I agree with John Brennan, who said it was nothing short of treasonous.” Brennan is the former CIA director who tweeted the following:

Democrat leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi suggested that Putin was blackmailing Trump. John McCain and the other neocons sided with the liberals in their hysterical condemnation.

Ironically, they have also resorted to the rhetoric of patriotism. Typically open haters of America, the left has decided that it can score political points by appealing to patriotism in order to whip up sentiment against Trump. This rootless, liberal patriotic appeal comes from people with absolutely no national pride for America.

Everywhere, liberals who usually reference American national pride only as a remnant of the country’s dark, racist past were suddenly wrapping themselves in the American flag. James Comey, the self-proclaimed most ethical man in America, couldn’t help but let everyone know that he is also a great American patriot for standing up to the president over his meeting with Putin:

Surreal proof of the deracinated, nationless “patriotism” of the left came from a Don Lemon broadcast on CNN after the summit. On the show, Fareed Zakaria expressed outrage on behalf of patriotic Americans. How could anyone take seriously a Muslim immigrant telling them what American patriotism is? Does anyone really believe that Fareed Zakaria cares about America? Of course not. But he is invested in a globalist system that has made it possible for a brown Muslim to get rich while going before a mostly white audience advocating multiculturalism and excusing the bad behavior of non-whites, all of which serves to benefit – not Americans – but his own people.

The system also allows him all of the benefits of being American without actually being one or caring about the country. Not a bad deal for someone who comes from a country where defecating in the street is common practice.

Are you a real American like Fareed?

American politics has become deeply destabilized by the fact that Trump’s political opponents consider his election an “act of war” by the Russian government and his attempts to sooth relations with the nation with the world’s largest stockpile of nuclear weapons to be treasonous. The brazen warmongering, the appeal to patriots rising up against a treasonous leader—this is the rhetoric of civil war.

There is no telling what they will do to gain back power—and no telling what they will do once they gain it. The stakes for the next election could not be higher.

So why is the left reacting so hysterically? In order to understand this, you must realize that the people criticizing it are not merely trying to hold a position within the United States. It’s not a shift in American policy they care about, because they don’t really care about America at all. For all their talk about patriotic defense of America, what they really care about is protecting the globalist system.

Putin is the world’s most powerful anti-globalist leader, and thus enemy number one for the liberal elite. When they criticize Russia’s lack of “democracy” and Putin’s flouting of “international norms,” what they are really criticizing is his refusal to kowtow to the globohomo superstructure. Replace “democracy” and “international norms” with “the LGBTQPIA agenda” and “open borders,” and you will get a better idea of what they are really talking about.

Trump’s cooperation with Putin threatens to break the isolation of Russia the globalists have worked so hard to achieve. Worse yet, it broaches the possibility that the United States itself will leave the globalist system. Without its keystone, the entire structure will surely fall. That’s why Trump in general, and this summit specifically, scares them to death.

Putin is supposed to be the antithesis of “our values.” Nationalism, strong borders, traditional values, a homogenous white country—these things are supposed to be sought out and destroyed wherever they exist. Instead, Trump has embraced the man who most strongly represents those values, and, worse yet, has embraced them himself.

The globohomo system is teetering on the edge and they know it. One more term from Trump might be enough to send it tumbling. A full embrace of nationalism by the GOP means that it is all but over. America stepping outside the system (to the degree that it has) has already seriously wounded it. It has also created a multiplier effect which means that as other countries go the anti-globalist route, it hurts all the more. Take the recent political changes in Italy for example.

Without Trump, Italy would be a medium-sized nationalist country swimming in a globalist sea, helpless to do anything except perhaps prevent a few thousand extra migrant invaders from coming. Instead, Italy is part of a much larger movement of white countries against the non-white invasion and has received praise from the president of the United States multiple times for its efforts. It is also with the US at the forefront of bringing Russia out of its isolation, as its major leaders have called for an end to sanctions, and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has expressed a desire to hold another summit with Trump and Putin in Italy.

All of this terrifies the arbiters of the globalist system. And none of it is possible without the key role played by the United States and Trump. To them, an alliance between America and Russia means the central gear is being ripped out of their globalist machine. If they cannot reign in Trump and isolate Russia, it is all over. That is why they are trying so desperately to sabotage the progress made in Helsinki.

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