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Why on Earth Should Jews Hate Stalin?

The Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS asked the new Minister of Education, Olga Vasilyeva, for her opinion of Stalin, implying that that if it is positive, her appointment is a disaster

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

RI has already reported on the appointment of the new Minister of Education, Olga Vasilyeva, who promotes traditional Russian values, replacing the highly unpopular liberal minister Dmitry Livanov. This seemingly routine move has stirred a lot of controversy in Russia, and Prokhanov, a famous conservative writer and editor of the newspaper Zavtra, gives this take on the issue

Why was it the Jewish community that addressed this extraordinary request to Vasilyeva? Why didn’t the Chechen, Ingush or Tatar communities do this? Why didn’t Russians do this? Why is the Jewish community so curious and insistent? Are all Jewish people interested in Vasilyeva’s attitude towards Stalin, or is it only some Moscow Jews? Can it be because Jewish veterans have been decorated for the battles they fought under the banner of Stalin?

<figcaption>Olga Vasilyeva, the new conservative Education Minister and her liberal predecessor, Dmitry Livanov</figcaption>
Olga Vasilyeva, the new conservative Education Minister and her liberal predecessor, Dmitry Livanov

If I were Vasilyeva, I would say that I consider Stalin to be a person who made huge efforts to destroy Himmler and Hitler, stopping the annihilation of Jewish people all over the world, including Russian Jews. Stalin prevented the furnaces from burning from Vitebsk to Vladivostok, and it was also partly thanks to Stalin that the state of Israel was created, making the centuries-old religious dream of the Jews to restore their state come true. Stalin directly contributed to that. It seems to me that the Jews – in Russia, in Israel, and from all over the world – should visit Stalin’s tomb at the Kremlin at least twice a year, on his birth and death anniversaries, bringing wreaths to show their gratitude.

Vasilyeva was attacked right after her appointment as Minister of Education. Many new forces are joining this campaign of hatred, lies and defamation, and these high-brow liberal political analysts and bloggers are lavish with their offenses. Newspapers and radio stations also attack Vasilyeva, as if somewhere in the liberal control center they had decided to defame her. And this is because she resonates with the new tendencies in Russian policy under which Western ideology can no longer treat Russian public opinion like a toy.  

I would advise Olga Vasilyeva not to respond to attacks by this or that community, but to concentrate on the hard work she was tasked with, that will earn her the support of patriotic intellectuals.


Source: Zavtra
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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