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Why Does the US Back a Ukrainian Government Whose Military the Congress Says Includes Nazis?

After House Ban on Training Azov Battalion the US can no longer say "There are no Nazis in Ukraine"

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

There has been real pleasure and excitement that the US House of Representatives has voted unanimously to bar the US from providing training to the Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion.

The US State Department is now say that the US “never intended” to provide training to the Azov Battalion.

Congressman John Conyers is indeed to be congratulated for the courageous stand he has taken and for his success in persuading the House of Representatives to back him.

What no-one is saying however is how crazy it all proves US policy in Ukraine to be.

The US now says the Azov Battalion is Nazi and won’t get training. This Nazi Azov Battalion is however a part of the Ukrainian military that the US is training.  

Senator McCain even complains the US isn’t giving weapons to this Ukrainian military, which includes a battalion of Nazis.  He calls this one of the most “shameful decisions” of his life.

Does one provide arms and training to a military that includes a battalion of Nazis? 

Surely a military that includes a battalion of armed Nazis ought to be beyond the pale?  

Where’s the sense or ethics in providing arms and training to a military that includes Nazis, even if Nazis in one battalion of that military won’t get training?

What about the government that has a battalion of Nazis in its military? Is that a government the US should be supporting?

The US has pretended for a year and a half that there are no Nazis in Ukraine. NATO even produced a documentary saying that.

The House of Representatives and the State Department now admit there are Nazis in Ukraine. Not just Nazis but armed Nazis, organised in a battalion that is part of the Ukrainian military.

Surely it is time now to face the truth and admit the nature of the government the US is supporting in Ukraine and call an end to the whole affair.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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