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Why Did Turkey Shoot the Russian Warplane Down? Follow the Money!

As with many things, following the likely money trail often exposes the motives. Why should Turkey destroying the Russian warplane be any different?


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As we all know, on the 24th November, Turkey – an EU aspirant NATO member – shot down a Russian warplane on legitimate Syrian duties. As a result, one pilot is dead, the other rescued by Russian Special Forces, and Russia ended up losing a rescue helicopter in the process.

Russia and Turkey were not declared enemies. Turkey knows Russian planes are legitimately in the region. So the Turks were not acting against any threat.

<figcaption>ISIL oil trucks burning on their way to Turkey after an attack by Russian air force</figcaption>
ISIL oil trucks burning on their way to Turkey after an attack by Russian air force

If we follow the money, huge quantities of stolen oil are being transported illicitly by ISIS to Turkey in exchange for large quantities of money. Russia has been disrupting this supply by bombing the tankers and the production mechanism. That means someone in Turkey is losing a lot of money due to the effectiveness of Russia’s air campaign. Some sources claim that someone is Bilal Erdoğan, son of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Shooting down a Russian warplane is guaranteed to cause Turkey serious friction with Russia. The likely loss of tourism and probable sanctions from Russia might well seriously strain the Turkish economy. This means some people in Turkey are making so much money on a personal level, that they thought an act of war against Russia, and damaging the Turkish tourism industry was a reasonable risk to take to stuff their pockets with cash.

The political analyst Andrew Wilson noted:

This was, for sure, a premeditated attack, it was not a response to an incursion, and it was a demonstration of intent - an act of war upon Russia. There simply was not time, or space, for it to have been otherwise.

One wonders if the plane that shot the missile was one of the new ones delivered by the US to Turkey a few days ago and whether the pilot was one of the American pilots delivered a few days ago. Basically, a US plane wearing a Turkish flag.

I am wondering how long it will not be before NATO and the US come clean and simply state the obvious, that NATO and the US are in alliance with ISIS and have no intention of doing as they have told us in respect of this group.

The attack was pre-meditated to the extent that even TV crews and others with cameras were standing by waiting to film the events. We must assume they were tipped off in advance.

The West needs to take off its rose-coloured glasses in respect of Turkey. Turkey has spent years allowing terrorism to flourish in the region. Far from trying to usher Turkey gleefully into the EU, as Brussels is trying to do, Turkey has proved itself to be dishonest, disingenuous and should be kept at arms length.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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